Mighty Union

Crossing Blades

Another Bank Job

Six guys with very hi-tech weaponry walked into the ___ Bank in order to rob it. Luckily for the bank, its employees and patrons, Xeo of the Mighty Union as well as Crimson Blade and new Power Black Katana were also inside. Though the bank suffered some damage, four of the five bank robbers were captured by the PCTF, the fifth escaping when an unknown flying accomplice carried him off. According to the PCTF the other four claim to have no knowledge of this other individual, but eye witnesses claim it to be suited criminal Maverick.

Some of the hostages are also claiming there was a sixth man in the crew, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of him, and the PCTF also deny the claim.

After the fight, Crimson Blade scarpers before anything can happen, but Black Katana and Xeo stay and speak to Lt Mitchell. During the conversation Katana makes it obvious that she’s literally just arrived in town and has nowhere to stay. Afterwards Xeo invited her back to the mansion. After speaking to a rather nervous Link, who asked her if her ‘work in the business sector’ ever involved Corvin, which she denied. They agreed that she might be Mighty Union material, but there was still a lot to be decided. But as she was new to the city Link offered her the chance to stay in the Mansion, though Captain Education made sure she couldn’t see the outside world.

Poppy clearly wasn’t very happy with Xeo, having it been incredibly obvious who he really was. She’d long held the belief that her ice wielding boyfriend was secretly Deep Freeze, not some mamby pamby superhero who doesn’t earn any money. After a heated argument, and Xeo realising what she really thought, he ended it.



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