Mighty Union

Assualt on Corvin

Following Mickey’s accident and the theory that putting Corvin power serum into his blood may resolve it, Captain Education and Link have been hacking into Corvin’s systems and have found a secret facility hidden in a valley in Iowa that looks like a good starting point. In preparation M0-HAWC has designed himself a new stealth suit while Magnitude and Psyman both opted for new black costumes. After some further hacking they manage to get the floor plans as well.

M0-HAWC flies ahead and does some ariel reconnaissance which allows the team to plan their approach, they discover there is another large building at the facility across the river which after a lot of discussion is decided is probably a barracks.

Deciding to come down the mountain on the side of the lab, the team land on the roof with little trouble. Psyman cloaks and heads towards the barracks, and after a few failed attempts to possess a high ranking officer he manages to possess a standard trooper. He proceeds into the main facility and after a briefing gets to explore the facility, making his way to the room that was marked as a storage room for the serums.

Up on the roof, Magnitude has been throwing small rocks at cameras to aid them but this seems to have resulted in more troops heading towards the facility to investigate. Deciding that denying the labs back up was more important than stealth Magnitude ripped the communications satellite dish off the roof and launched it at the bridge connecting the two. With their position revealed Magnitude kept throwing rocks at the guards while M0-HAWC finds them an alternate way in. Once inside they split up to try and find more material.

Unfortunately, as Psyman made it to the storage room the person he had taken over managed to regain control and force Psyman out, though the psychic took the guard out no problem. Psyman signalling the others he’d got what they came for, M0-HAWC blows a hole in the atrium and flies out filling it with smoke, Psyman following him.

However, Magnitude had made it to the office of the head scientist, who despite it being the middle of the night is stood in his office. Identifying himself as Professor Korolev he tries to find out who the intruder is working for and if he’s come to ‘bring me back into the fold’. Magnitude offers little in reply so Korolev asks Kelvin to deal with the interloper, and Korolev disappears, revealing his presence to just be a hologram. After a fight that Magnitude manages to freeze Kelvin in place with a fire extinguisher, he gets to the computer and manages to steal some files. Kelvin breaks himself free but Psyman blows out the window from outside and telekinetically extracts Magnitude.

They also find out that there are four other facilities like this one: Organ Donation, Tech R&D, Amplified Training Facility and a newly opened facility in Venezuela that is unnamed.

With the serum’s in their possession, M0-HAWC and Psyman decide it’s too dangerous just to inject Mickey with just a random one so Psyman will spend time researching and testing them before the inject the young Mr. Wolfram, who for now will have to be put in the nullifying cells during his transformation.



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