Mighty Union

It's All My Vault

Rant and Rave try to rob the Bank that Ruckus and Magnitude both happen to be in. Ruckus spots the cronnies coming in and slips out before it all kicks off and gets to his van, noticing the rest of the gang outside. The rest storm the bank and Magnitude follows their instructions biding his time. With the rest of the gang in the bank Ruckus moves his van and blocks their getaway vehicle in then takes out the driver, has him transported to the mansion and disables the ignition. He then drives round the back and changes into his M.0. HAWC armour.

Meanwhile inside, Rant leads two of the robbers down to the vault. With two of the robbers surrounding him Magnitude takes them out but Rave induces him with sickness. Eventually regaining his stomach he starts taking her out but she messes with his mind causing him to attack the civilians. Luckily he regains control as M0-HAWC comes in and they clear out all but two of the bank robbers who get away as the two heroes concentrate on Rant.

After dealing with the robbery the Manager explains that other banks have been hit but can’t believe that it was done by the same people as they were stolen during the night with no obvious signs of entry while this was a blatant daylight armed robbery. M0-HAWC arranges to contact Magnitude then heads to the mansion to speak to Capt Education and interrogate the driver. The driver reveals that he works for Blackguard, Rant and Rave are out of town help that were hired at the last second to provide Power support and to take suspicion away from Blackguard.

After the interrogation and looking into the robberies Education contacts Magnitude and tells him to meet M0-HAWC at one of the banks that was hit. The two of them speak to the bank manager who shows them footage of the robbery which shows money just disappearing on the screen, though M0-HAWC manages to pick up a low buzzing on the recording and takes a copy. They also inspect the vault and find a very small heat signature on the bank vault door. They head to the most recent bank to be robbed and once again find the heat signature on one of the walls of the vault and they follow it to the outside wall. After securing a copy of the video footage they check the alley that the outside wall connected to and get lucky and find a silver paint scratch. Magnitude as the idea of checking with the Road Authority to see if they have footage from a traffic camera facing the alley. They get a rubbish image and get a copy of that video too. At that moment Education contacts them to tell them another bank is being hit.

They rush to the site to find the building collapsing. After making sure the place is evacuated they venture inside to see what they can find and if there are any more civilians trapped. Psyman is also contacted and asked to lend a hand. After rescuing a few civilians the three of them uncover Maverick next to the safe who then flies out of the building with Psyman and M0-HAWC giving chase. He nearly gets away but the team stop him just in time then teleport to the Mansion with him in full view of the Press.

During interrogating him and disabling his power source M0-HAWC catches on TV that the Press saw them leave and the fact he hasn’t been delivered into the hands of the Police is starting to get them some bad press. He and Education convince the others to hand him over to the PCTF. Education teleports them into a Press Conference that Capt. O’Neill is giving so to show that Maverick was handed over. Psyman makes a bit of a tit of himself in front of the cameras.

Back at base, the three of them start discussing the night break-ins at the banks and how to deal with them. Eventually they come up with a plan to build a machine that should stop whatever is vibrating through the walls from doing so. They arrange with the PCTF to move all of the City’s money into a specially designed vault in order to lure the perp and Psyman will wait in the vault cloaked waiting for him to start lifting the money, signal for the machine to be activated and attack the area that the guy’s in. The team and the PCTF take a week getting everything into place and halfway through that week Capt O’Neill contacted the Union to discuss his worries that Blackguard may arrange to hit the vault as well. The team admit that they had the same worry and had someone in mind that they will contact to help them out, O’Neill also suggest White Knight, a guy who helped the PCTF out on a case a few months ago. The team get in touch with Acolyte for his assistance.

The five of them all meet up and lay the trap. As they wait Blackguard’s boys attack and White Knight, Magnitude and Acolyte take on Breakneck, Rodeo and Darwin. M0-HAWC stays in the van to watch the Vault and catches sight of someone running around the building heading for the vault and heads into to cut them off. Its at this point that the money starts disappearing and they activate the machine, which works better than expected and knocks Vibe into view. He signals that it was a trap and Blink teleports in. Unfortunately, though M0-HAWC delayed her, Red Mist manages to blow the doors off of the vault. Blink goes to deal with those two and leaves Vibe to deal with Psyman who promptly possess him. M0-HAWC grabs Red Mist and takes her outside. Blink heads back into the vault and convinces the now possessed Vibe that Psyman escaped and left him and needs help to leave.

Outside everyone’s dealt with whose out there with White Knight causing a lot of property damage and M0-HAWC checks the video monitors and sees Vibe and Blink heading for the roof. The four of them hit the roof and stand ready for the two of them. The two come through the door only to be hit by electricity and flame from Acolyte and White Knight. The two criminals jump back through the door and Psyman is forced into action and goes to hit Blink, unfortunately Vibe’s willpower throws Psyman out. He quickly turns invisible and heads downstairs. White Knight rips the roof off and Blink teleports out. The others try and hit Vibe but he manages to turn invisible and get away.



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