Mighty Union

It's Not the Size that Matters

It’s 10:30 in the morning, the different characters are all going about their daily civilian lives, Psyman is currently lecturing, Morning Star is doing his tai-chi and B.F. Ruckus is working in his workshop with ‘Metal’ Mickey

Suddenly the group become aware of the city being attacked by 10 Giant Monkeys! All spread throughout the city. Psyman, Morning Star and M0-HAWC all intervene as well as a drug crazed hippie who thinks he’s a superhero.

PCTF turn up with a CSI team, that is clearly not part of their unit, to examine the creatures which is a result of genetic experimentation, unlike they’ve seen before. Psyman talks to Capt O’Neill who promises to keep them informed and lets them know of a lab that will be looking into what effected the monkeys for them. M0-HAWC gets a call from Mickey’s mum said he never went home for dinner but at this point he believes he’s got more important things going on.

Link calls Psyman and talks to him and tells him to prepare for transport. Team summoned into room with Link sat at a table with Captain Education and Khord stood behind them with a bank of computer screens behind them, each of the screens showing images from the fight of each of the new members and also some archive footage (such as the first photo of M0-HAWC) used in the papers when he was named. Team given the briefing basically confirming that someone has been testing on the animals and they need to find out who it is.

The team head to the lab that O’Neill told them the test were running on the monkey. M0-HAWC sneaks in through the roof and into restricted areas and hack a computer but is only able to tell that the lab isn’t a civilian business as O’Neill said but it’s Government owned. Psyman and Morning Star are told that the monkey’s size changing is related to emotion and the calmer they are the more normal sized they are.

M0-HAWC gets another call from Mickey’s mum who still hasn’t returned. They decide they best check this out and head to Ruckus’ workshop. They track Mickey’s trail to an alley way where it looks like he was jumped and then bundled into a van. They follow the van’s tracks for a few blocks …

Then a Giant Human attacks. The gang start trying to calm him down to shrink him when a sniper takes a pop shot at Psyman. Morning Star runs along the buildings and takes out the sniper team while the team successfully takes out the giant guy and rescue a bunch of civilians from the falling debris caused by his fall.

Using knowledge they had about the van they track it back to a company called Ocset and head to the main building. The Union go to the roof and plan to let Psyman work his way down the building while they create a distraction on the roof, unfortunately M0-HAWC sets off an alarm but that doesn’t stop Psyman getting in. Psyman gets down a few floors and hacks into a computer, learns that Ocset is actually just a front for Corvin Industries then possess a passing security guard to get deeper intro the facility.

On the roof Morning Star and M0-HAWC are trying to avoid the guards that turned up with Kali and Bastet two people they recognise from the Pantheon, Dominion City’s other superhero group. Kali eventually gets bored and heads back down. Morning Star takes advantage of this and starts taking the guards down. Then Bastet notices him but he manages to subdue and transport her back to the Mansion.

Meanwhile Psyman is caught by another guard but he avoids them and gets into the lift. Unfortunately, the guard had alerted the rest of the building (which were already on high alert after the incident on the roof), and Psyman ends up having to fight them off. He telepathically warns the other two and M.O-HAWC attaches a rope to the side of the building swings down and in through the window. They fight there way to the underground lab. They crack the door open and throw in an EMP which shorts all the electrics including what’s holding the experiments in and a 3 way fight breaks out between Corvin’s security forces, the experiments and the Union. Union obviously win and before they can secure anything the guy in charge of the CSI team turns up with a full SWAT battalion that is obviously not part of PCTF. He identifies himself as Johnson when asked.

The team leave and speak to Bastet, who reveals that Corvin offered her the chance to be a hero but she needs regular injections to keep her powers and despite some of the stuff Corvin is up to she can’t turn her back on the good she does in the Pantheon. M.O. HAWC joins the team while Morning Star refuses membership.



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