Mighty Union

Kicking the Habit part 1

The Black Ops team are summoned to the Warehouse, but Jaeger V doesn’t arrive. The team are told by the voice at the end of the phone to investigate Senator Millar’s change of stance and resolve it. As the call ends the warehouse is filled with Special Forces team, and from the main door three people can be made out, one of which is the soldier they captured on their last mission. He isn’t in charge and the UN Agent who grills the team. He explains that the team now answer to him and says that the team have to prove themselves by completing a mission for him. He assigns a mercenary, Kane, he has working for him to watch over the team.

Two days ago a US Military cargo plane went in for a routine overhaul. It never came back. The personnal at the yard had already been cleared. Three men arrived on the correct day of collection, with all the right papers in full uniform and took the plane away. They ran the video and one of the men is known to work for a local drug lord, Estacado, another was a pilot for Gorner Inc.

The team research into it and find an airfield that is owned by Gorner Inc that could handle the plane and decide that this is their best lead. Heading there they find the place covered with Estacado’s men. After successfully assaulting the airfield the team are able to return the plane to the Government.

The UN Agent asks them to keep looking into the stolen plane, but the team point out that the main reason they’re being kept on is to find out who their employers are and they already have a job to do for them. He concedes the point and will assign some of his men to keep looking into it but says that he’ll be calling on them soon to finish this off.



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