Mighty Union

Knocking on Hell's Door

Following the adventure with Labcorp and Psyman who is still down in Burlington, the rest of team are trying to get their lives back on track. Soyuz is filming, Xeo is trying to drum up a case, M0-HAWC and Mickey is making the finishing the touches to repairing the van. Their routines are interrupted by the breaking news that a massive portal has opened up and creatures are pouring out, attacking civillians.

Independantly the four of them head to the epicentre of the disaster, Mickey making his debut to the public as Filament, or Scorch as he tries to be called. The majority of the city’s superheroes, including the Pantheon and Morning Star, are already there combatting the demons that demons pouring out of the portal

The four of them join the fight. Quickly the team realise that there is a man further up the street who most of the bigger demons seem to be making their way towards. M0-HAWC tackles one while Soyuz goes for another. The man shouts that he can stop them but he needs time. The team do everything they can to stop the demons reaching the man, who starts chanting. Unfortunately, every time a demon manages to reach him he has to restart his chant.

After a long fight the team manage to give Crozier enough time to cast his spell, however he reveals that he has only managed to temporarily stop more demons coming through and something on the other side is stopping him from closing it.

Part 2: To Hell and Back
While the others have been in the fight, Psyman has been doing everything he can to make it to Dominion City as quickly as possible. Arriving just as the mage gets the portal under control he misinterprets what’s happening but luckily the other are able to correct him before he does anything. The mage casts a healing spell on everyone and tells them to hurry. The team start working out who’s going where, M0-HAWC decides that he and Filament will stay this side and help take the demons already through down and put as many as possible back through. All five put as many through the portal as they make their way towards it. Psyman goes first shielding his appearance.

Soyuz and Xeo see his body suddenly engulfed in flame as he touches. As he travels through the portal Psyman feel his body ripping apart, the bones separating, his muscles unravelling. Arriving at the other side he lands on a large plateau surrounded by lava with small bridges leading away. The heat that this fiery pit is giving off assaults him straight away. A large beam of light from the centre of the portal can be seen travelling off into the distance towards a tower. Also on the plateau is an army that dwarfs the number of demons already travelled through. However, those near the front, including a demon bigger than any of those they have seen before seem distracted by the fact that no one is able to travel through the portal and bodies of those that have already been passed through. He tries to contact the rest of the team, but neither the comm unit or the his psychic powers are making it through to them.

After a few minutes of waiting, Soyuz decides he’s had enough and jumps through and Xeo follows. They arrive and with the heat it’s immediately apparent that Xeo’s ice armour is slowly melting but he can refresh it if he concentrates. However, the team stand around trying to work out what to do a little too long and are spotted by some of the army. A small contingent are sent to go deal with the Union. Xeo and Soyuz go down pretty quickly, Psyman tries to cause a distraction to help them get away but he ends up only dragging more attention to himself and goes down too.

The three wake up, now in a cell that looks like its straight out of a fantasy novel. Using his ice abilities Xeo is able to create a ice key to get Psyman out of his shackles and open the cell door. The three are able to sneak up out the tower, getting into a few minor tussles along the way that are resolved rather quickly.

Reaching the top of the tower Psyman ripped the magical pillar that was channelling the energy to the portal. However, the effort, combined with the extreme heat in this fiery pit of hell proved too much for him and Psyman passed out. With the portal collapsing and no quick way to travel Soyuz took the only way he could see to accomplish this. He transformed into his steel form and with all his might through the unconscious form of Psyman through the portal. Seeing it was a success Xeo agreed, and though Soyuz’s aim wasn’t quite right this time, Xeo was able to correct his trajectory. Once again switching to his fire form, Soyuz is able to burn across the landscape and make it through the portal just in time.

Back on Earth, Psyman is quickly revived by an EMT, and they go over to speak to the mage who helped earlier, unfortunately it seems that some PCTF officer has taken it upon himself to try and arrest him for being British and a power.

“What so I manage to stop the end of the world and you’re going to bloody arrest me for not having a work permit?”
“Sir, I’m sorry but the law is very clear on Powers operating outside of their home countries”
“That’s very nice but I’m not a sodding Power”
“Sir, that’s not my call to make.”
Crozier goes to swing at the officer, but Psyman telekinetically grabs his arm and they excuse the officer who runs off to find someone more senior.

They now all formally introduce themselves and they learn that he is Andrew Crozier, and he casts a second healing spell over the three. They inform him that the head of the army had identified himself as a General of Belial and this visibly worries Crozier. He tells the team that these portals can’t just be opened by demons and that someone must have done something at this end. Xeo suggests that it quite easily be Crozier himself. Which results in him getting a stern look from Croizer just before he flicks his cigarette away and walks away from the Mighty Union, mumbling something about “Fucking Americans” at which point he disappears in a cloud of mist.

Part 3
With the mage disappearing Psyman goes over to talk to the newly arrived Carter and Mitchell who are as lost with the revelation that this could be magic as the Union is. With no leads what so ever, the three decide to head back to the Mansion, where Xeo and Soyuz research into magic while Psyman goes for a nice bath.

Discovering that there are numerous shops around Dominion City that seem to offer magical items for sale the two of them decide its time for a shopping trip. After two of the shops are a bust, they are told by one of the shop assistants that of the remaining three only two are anything like what they’re looking for. They go to the nearest one where they meet Rupert who, after being initially helpful, started to avoid the team’s questions. Once Xeo had threatened him, he goes to call the police but they leave before he does.

Back at the mansion the two of them explain the situation to a nicely rested Psyman, who decides to go see this Rupert and be a bit more diplomatic, but not before doing some background checking on him. It appears that Rupert was arrested with Crozier back in England before moving to Dominion City several years ago.

Back at the shop, Rupert eventually admits to knowing Crozier and gives them his address. Once there, they apologise for the previous accusations and agree to work with him to make sure that whoever opened the portal can’t do it again. Crozier manages to divine the building the energy was coming from but states that the magic coming from there won’t allow a more precise reading.

At the building the three are about to head inside when Psyman catches a glimpse of something landing on the roof. He flies up to chase it while the rest head inside. Psyman is only catches a glimpse and thinks what ever it was went to the third floor, however Xeo and Soyuz decide to start from the ground asking neighbours if they know anything while Crozier heads up to join him. Psyman knocks on a door and from the responces he gets his suspicions are raised. Knocking again the door opens only for a imp demon to attack his face. A cry from inside the room makes it obvious he has found the right room, “None shall stop ”/campaigns/mighty-union/characters/professor-futurity" class=“wiki-content-link”>Professor Futurity!"

Well, it doesn’t take long for the team to take out the two demons that were with Futurity and Xeo to tackle Futurity so the others could remove the magical items from his possession. Crozier revealed that all his power came from the Litany and the Staff he held. Psyman went to smash the staff, but Crozier stopped him before he caused more damage than Futurity had done. Remarking that to randomly smash items that you don’t understand isn’t the cleverest of approaches he took the Litany and Staff and disappeared. The team handed the now powerless Professor over to the arriving Police.



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