Mighty Union

DC Fusion’s break in to Estacado’s mansion, and the ensuing fight, gave the Police the excuse they needed to raid the place. They arrested most of the mobsters and discovered exactly what was going on underground, and they are all baffled.

Despite this setback, all out war has broken out between Estacado’s gangs and those that work for Blackguard. Worse, they seem to both have upgraded their weaponry to laser weapons.

Also two headsets and laser rifle taken to another part of the company to break down and try and workout.

Taichitu argues that the team can’t be distracted by stopping the fights, and should concentrate on removing the lasers from circulation. While some of the team feel there is sense here, both Tesla and Ent think that it is the least heroic thing ever said by anyone in the team, and promptly ignore it.

Someone (Cobalt?) goes to see the PCTF, who explain that all of the mobsters got released by a lawyer due to lack of evidence, however, the person who would probably be the easiest to spring, the scientist, was not.
Then the evidence all disappeared, no one can understand it, locked room mystery.

Now with multiple leads, the team decide that they should first visit the Technocrat before heading out of town. Technocrat reveals that the red lasers are indeed based on his design, but he is not making them. He doesn’t do bulk orders. The team try and get more out of him, but he refuses. Unless they do him a favour. Seems his old bodyguard, Maverick has been doing deals with someone else, and he thinks an incident with him and the Mighty Union a few weeks ago was the tipping point. He wants the team to investigate who the person helping Maverick is and get him a name.

Against Ent’s wishes they agree, delay the trip to the ware house even further and head off to the Paladin Enterprises building where the fight occurred.

Unhappy with the time wasted, and feeling this is turning into a wild goose chase, Ent decides to stay in Dominion City and help break up gang fights. The other four pile into the limo and head out of town and toward Kilmarnock.

Tectonic is immediately on the phone, and is informing someone of DC Fusion’s interference, when suddenly the other half of the conversation comes from behind the captured two, and the door to the bathroom opens, and out steps Estacado, carrying on the conversation as if nothing happened.

Halbech completely collapses under the scandal. The company’s shares plummet and eventually start getting snapped up by rivals. Both Paladin Enterprises and Obsidian Weaponry take some parts, but the majority was surprisingly taken by Corvin Industries. Mark reveals that Masterson Pharmaceutical had tried to get some, partly to help with their medical laser research, and also so they had a legal claim on all the information Tai had brought them on the computer.

In the end, despite this being a great day for the team’s achievements, it’s not gone so well on the publicity front, as Mighty Union and The Pantheon seem to have



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