Mighty Union

Might in Numbers

Characters have all received a letter addressed to their civilian identities but when they open them it is addressed to their super hero ID asking them to come to an important meeting in civvies by Mighty Man. He has to leave the solar system on an important rescue mission and needs them to deal any issues that any single hero would struggle with during his absence.

Shortly after Mighty Man leaves an alarm goes off at a Quantum Labs facility, upon arriving Volt and KGB are stealing something that will help develop a hardcore suit of armour/robot. Link’s knowledge is limited to the KGB but, he knows they’re mercs, that they don’t usually have thugs along with them and that they don’t get involved in science things.

After KGB are beaten, the cops and press turn up. How do the team deal with them? They show off.

The team head to the FBI offices where Volt, Kristie and Bear are being held. Captain Education interviews Volt but he doesn’t give them much except they were all hired guns. They do manage to steal his phone from evidence and ring Infernus, Link tracks the signal to Dominion City and they find the Technocrat’s warehouse. They infiltrate with Captain Education pretending to be Volt and Khord a Russian Solider. They meet Infernus, Ghost, Technocrat and Maverick. “Volt” is told he’s off on a supply run with Infernus which he insists on bringing “Serjez” along for.

Over night The Technocrat and Infernus have realised what the Mighty Union are up to and the supply run is a fake. Infernus tries to lead them into the ambush but Captain Education detects it and Nature’s Wrath are forced to spring the trap early. They’re beaten though Botanic gets away. PsyMan interrogates Infernus and gets codes. Khord and Link try to enter Techno’s base disguised as Infernus and Deep Freeze, Deep Freeze gets turned away as he’s not hired by Techno so Link goes invisible and sneaks in. Link spots sensors on Techno’s lab so doesn’t follow Khord in and instead goes in searching the facility and finds the security room where he hacks the camera feeds and switches them all off just as Psy-man is about to land on the unelectrified part of the roof. However, Captain Education tries to blow the door off but fails to use enough C4 and all he does is get everyone’s attention and let them know the good guy’s are coming. Maverick flies outside looking for the cause of the explosion and sees Capt Education escaping in the van and blows it up.

As The Technocrat gets beaten he manages to activate a communication device that sends a signal to an unknown destination that Link believes is for an improved version of the armour Maverick was wearing, unfortunately his nanobots are also infected with a computer virus which once back at his home, he realises that he can no longer form Link.



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