Mighty Union

Stag Do: Meanwhile...

In Domion City, another bank job

A day after the Stag Party has set off, Dominion City is struck by another bank raid. The remaining team members, Half Life, Soyuz and Khord, teleport in, only to discover a group of heavily armed men piling into two vans. One tries to ice the team, another uses glue, while two flamethrowers set fire to the bank they have just left.

The team spring to help save the bank customers, and with the arrival of White Knight the fire is quickly put out. The police, PCTF and fire department all turn up and an investigation is started. It is revealed that the White Knight pilot is not the same man who had previously worked alongside Half-Life and Magnitude.

Soyuz, Black Katana, and the two lead detectives from PCTF and LCPD return to the PCTF headquarters to watch the security footage. There they spot something odd with the cleaning equipment present in the bank. Soyuz and Katana immediately return to the bank.

All four of them slowly discover that along with the cash stolen, four safety deposit boxes were broken into. Using his military connections, White Knight quickly discovers who they belong to. Surprisingly all seem to belong to members of the Armed Forces, and also a member of the PCTF.

117 – John SheppardPCTF
616 – Peter Rogers – Military- Army – Brigadier General (1 star)
1138 – Steve Lucas – Air Force (Colonel)
1701 – Benjamin Picard – Navy (Captain)

After White Knight visited the general and Black Katana informed the others

Went to see Technocrat, and made another deal with him for more info. He revealed he had sold the gear to the team, there was a total of 14 headsets sold, and while he didn’t recognise any of the three names LCPD had given the team, the fourth was one of the two men who had made the deal with him. He also revealed that they were due him money which might explain the incredibly large and frequent jobs. The team later theorised that they might be trying to blackmail the owners of the boxes with whatever’s inside them.



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