Mighty Union

The Soviet Empire Strikes Back

After the revelations from the night before Education and Acolyte go visit Half-Life who is only too happy to join for help with Blackguard and a possibility of leaving the suit. The three of them go to the TV studios to speak to Soyuz. However, while Soyuz is on set he is attacked by 3 Russians, Tesla Coil, Colossus and Molotov. Luckily the other three turn up and rescue Soyuz. However, talking to the press afterwards Acolyte reveals his secret identity to the world.

After taking down Šesternâ Bratva and interrogating its leader Belger the team is pointed towards a warehouse the Red Star’s gang is using as a base of operations. Unfortunately the PCTF turn up as they invaded a private citizen’s home and they get a telling off. Soyuz reforms into a human right in front of Belger to avoid the PCTF.

Upon reaching the warehouse Acolyte was spotted by Comrade and a fight ensued. After Half-Life took out Colossus in two hits, the fight was pretty evenly match and our guys came out on top. Red Star, Tesla Coil, Molotov and 2 Comrades were all captured but they lost track of Colossus and its feasible a Comrade got away too. The Hammers were holding a prisoner, revealed to be Professor Korolev, who was also transported back to the mansion for medical attention and interrogating. Acolyte also took a hard drive and some dossiers he found.

Korolev revealed to Soyuz he’s the person responsible for his powers and refers to him as son, despite Soyuz’s protests. He was also interrogated by Psyman, who gave away that his powers can be overloaded, which intrigued Korolev. Psyman was also able to get the formula for the booster from Korolev by emotion controlling him and Korolev is unaware of this.

Red Star gave the impression that Soyuz was the primary target, but the documents make this seem like something else.

Acolyte alongside the shapeshifter Everett appeared at the press conference to clear his name. All present, including his long time friend in the police, bought the ruse hook line and sinker.

Psyman started work on his Enhanced MRI machine in order to get a better look at the levels within his brain to try and track the problems he has foreseen.



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