Mighty Union

The Wedding

Welcome to PL11

Psyman picked himself off the ground and turned to face the two men who had assaulted his wedding day, as Khord flew down and stood alongside him.
Cobalt and Black Katana teleport back in either side of the pair, Katana dropping the unconscious form of Clash at her feet. Xeo and Mickey sees what’s brewing and lines up alongside his team mates. Clearly panicking Psy-Kick edges closer to edge, slightly lifting Psy-Break in an attempt to leave, and gets screamed at that they will stay and finish this. He lets fly a desperate TK attack but misses.

M0-HAWC having finally built his makeshift armour, runs out and takes his place, just as Psyman starts creating a telekinetic whirlwind, and each member of the Union throw caution to the wind and put everything they have into the hit and throw all their powers into the growing maelstrom. As it looks ready to explode, M0-HAWC punches it for all he’s got sending it flying into both Psychics.

Both are floored and completely taken out.



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