Mighty Union

The Psyman Legion

Most of the field team head to the university, the expected place of Psyman’s loss of control according to the visions they had from the future. Back at the mansion Psyman gets a call from an angry Liz asking to meet. After some reluctance he agrees to meet her at The Daily Grind, a coffee shop the opposite side of town from the university. Link sends M0-HAWC and Soyuz to the area just in case.

The two park the van around the back of the shop and Soyuz heads in, while M0-HAWC takes to the skies. Psyman comes in in his civilian id and sits with Liz and start arguing about how he has been ignoring her. Suddenly the window behind Liz shatters and Psyman is shot in the chest with a syringe. Everyone round them passes out, including Liz but Soyuz manages to stay awake. He pulls Psyman away from the window who immediately activates his shield and he notices his powers are harder to control and sparking off uncontrollably.

Psyman, carrying Liz, and Soyuz head for the van. They spot a team of mercs and two powers flying down from the sniper spots that M0-HAWC noticed. Both are wearing the same white jumpsuits that Psyman adapted to make his costume with TK47 and P56 against each of them.

Soyuz is held up fighting the mercenaries but catches that the rest of the union weren’t expected. Remote controlling the van M0-HAWC follows them in an attempt to get Psyman and Liz away from the trouble. TK47 follows them and knocks the van out. Psyman looses control and unleashes on TK47 sending him flying and quickly takes out the mercs too as well as stopping Soyuz’s possession. P56 escapes.

Psyman teleports back to the mansion and the PCTF turn up. Interview Soyuz who gives a vague account of what happened while M0-HAWC finds TK47 and sends him to the mansion. He then goes to collect Liz’s stuff just in case but the PCTF demand he leaves the evidence at the crime scene.

Back at the mansion, TK47 is found to be a vegetable and will be totally brain dead within days. Liz appears to be fine and reveals that she is pregnant, Psyman also comes clean about his dual life. Magnitude reveals that back at the campus he managed to capture someone acting suspicious.

Part 2: Enter Xeo

George Samson is sat in the Wet strip club watching the news cover the attack in downtown while his girlfriend Poppy is getting her wages from the boss. After getting her money, she gets George to take her shopping.

Back at the mansion Psyman realises that the state of TK47’s brain is similar to the failed experiment after he had managed to defeat, then finally taking the chance to inspect a sample of Liz’s blood. It’s nothing as bad as what he first thought, however her blood is extremely healthy, so healthy in fact it could be held up in the medical community as an example as just how healthy human blood should be. Soyuz spoke to the man Magnitude captured who reveals that he is just a Private Investigator hired to keep a look out for Professor Vattic and to use a signalling device when he saw him, however he destroyed the device when he saw Magnitude approaching.

George Samson is bored being dragged around the shops, until the street around him comes under attack from three figures wearing costumes similar to those on the news earlier. He drags Poppy out of the area then runs back changing into his other identity, Xeo. One of the attackers moves to take him on while the other two carried on their terror in the streets.

Out of nowhere Psyman and Soyuz appear and launch an attack against the remaining two Psymen. During the fight everyone is surprised to see a civilian run out of a shop wooping for joy only to take off and start attacking combatants on both sides.

Once the Psymen are taking care of Psyman manages to calm the crazed Power just as Soyuz attacks him, blaming him for everything that’s going on. Spending a minute trying to keep out of his way and realising that someone has been manipulating him Psyman manages to calm him down and lands to check out the ice wielder who had been helping them. Unfortunately, while Psyman and Soyuz were having their ‘disagreement’ the Psymen got away, however the crazed civilian is just coming too. Psyman takes him back to the mansion where he and Captain Education interrogate him, but he’s not making much sense, seemingly very groggy but eventually reveals that he was on Kick but unable to give any details on where he got it from. Before they get any further Link informs Psyman that there are two PCTF officers stood outside his apartment.

Back at the attack scene the PCTF turn up and ask where everyone else is. Soyuz and Xeo try and avoid the question and are generally quite difficult. The officer informs them that O’Neill wants to speak to Psyman.

Psyman, back as John Vattic, teleports into his apartment and answers the door only to find that the two officers are Lieutenants Mitchell and Carter. They ask questions about the disappearance of Liz Swan and why M0-HAWC was trying to take her possessions from a crime scene. John manages to plead ignorance and they leave, and shortly afterwards John teleports back to the mansion and has a quick conversation with Liz but manages to avoid any of the big topics.

Back in costume he meets up with Xeo and Soyuz who go to the cells to speak to the kick addict but Captain Education has let him go. Figuring out what to go next, Psyman arranges a meeting with Captain O’Neill and Xeo is going to investigate Labcorp and see what he can find out.

Part 3: Back to the Lab
Xeo uses his connections with his PI, he is able to find out that Labcorp has taken a serious hit from the unexpected growth of Corvin industries over the last ten years, it is one of the companies that hired him to investigate Corvin. They also had a secret research facility attached to their main location at Burlington North Carolina, there seemed to be an accident there a few years ago and it shut down but within six months the place reopened.

Meanwhile Psyman goes to see O’Neill and discusses recent events with him. Back at the mansion the three members decide that the best course of action is to sneak into the Labcorp facility. They drive up in a rented vehicle and try to bluff their way in saying they are expected as part of meeting that they missed but the Dr Powell (the head of Labcorp) is expecting them. The guard asks which one is Dr Radisson. They are escorted to Dr Powell’s office, who immediately begins talking to Psyman and it doesn’t take long for Xeo and Soyuz that his real name is Simon Radisson.

How they found him:
“In all honesty, we’d lost you. In the eighteen months after you left we had no idea where you were. Then suddenly ‘Psyman’ turned up in Dominion City. Seriously, Psyman? Were you just not trying? The fact that you’ve just slapped an eye on the test subject suit and pulled on a balaclava was like you were wanting to be found. Once we knew where to look it didn’t take us long to find a professor who seemed to be a bit knowledgeable about certain subjects. The introduction of the Mighty Union caused us to re-evaluate our plans but you’re here now.”

What makes you think I’ll work with you?
Well we’ve got all the equipment already built, we’ve got a team of scientists that have been working on the project since you left and if that’s not enough all eight of the test subjects lives are on a countdown which you could stop.

There are currently 5 TK’s active and 3 Psychics, all of whose lives are on a countdown.

Powell gets Psyman to agree to come back in as they have the equipment needed to help him and the Psyman legion have very little time to live. They are escorted to Radisson’s old house where he starts work on a computer virus to make sure that all the data plus the back up is wiped out while Xeo and Soyuz pay a visit to one of the top scientists and scare some information up.

After his first day on the job, Psyman realises it’s going to take some time to work out if there’s any way of saving the Psyman Legion or removing their powers and he sends the other two back to Dominion City to find out how LabCorp tracked him through Liz.

Over the next 3 days Xeo, Soyuz, Link, Magnitude and Poppy they manage to work out that Liz’s friend, Sally, isn’t everything she appears to be. They organise a party at Magnitude’s place and Xeo cons her into disappearing with him into the bedroom where he proceeds to interrogate her and she confirms she was the person who alerted the teams.

Back at Labcorp, Psyman has made a number of discoveries, first being how to reintegrate psychic and TK without any further degradation to the subjects, second is he can extend their lifetimes by double, giving them 10 months to live, but comes with it a slight drop in their power. The other scientists agree this is more acceptable and agree to back it with Powell. Powell thanks him and authorises the changes to put into place then asks how the cure for Psyman is coming along.
Psyman: I’ll figure it out myself. I’m done.
Powell: That’s not how this works you’re working for me again, you’ve seen what we’re willing to do.
Psyman: We’ve been able to stop your men every time, now they’re going to be weaker. This time the Mighty Union came to talk. Imagine what would happen if we came in full force. Especailly if news of what you’re doing in that lab managed to leak (in a thinly veiled threat that he’s got info on him).
He also states that if he comes after his friends and family again he’ll be back and “I wont just expose you I will kill you” and leaves.


Awesome. Part 2: Enter Zeo :)

The Psyman Legion

Xeo. oops!!

The Psyman Legion

lol it’s worrying when you speel you’re own character’s name wrong ;)

The Psyman Legion

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