African representative of the Pantheon. Given catlike powers and named after the Ancient Egyptian Goddess.

The team first faced her when they invaded the Ocset building that was testing on the homeless and runaways. Taken prisoner by Morning Star and transported to the Mansion for interrogation. She revealed to the team that she had joined the Pantheon with the best intentions but it became obvious quite quickly that Corvin had ulterior motives to forming the team. She felt that the good they were doing as the Pantheon was more important than the bad. When Psyman suggested just leaving and setting up by herself she revealed she was unable to as the process the used to give her powers requires a booster every 7 days or they start to fade.

Psyman convinced her to stay with the Mighty Union while he looked into her abilities and tried to replicate the booster. She agreed, and there seemed to be some chemistry between the two, though Psyman ignored it due to his relationship with Liz. When they left to go on another mission, she left as she felt her powers fading. She has since been seen on the news working with the Pantheon again, but a lot less prolific then she was before, and hasn’t yet been met the Union again.

In a possible future timeline where Psyman had gone into hiding, it was revealed that Bastet had gone with him, the two had become lovers and somehow he had reactivated her powers.


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