A power with the ability to use the element ice.

  • Strength 10 +0
  • Defense bonus +12
  • Dexterity 12 +1
  • Flat-footed defense bonus +3
  • Con 12 +1
  • Knockback resist modifier -4
  • Intelligence 16 +3
  • Initiative bonus +1
  • Wisdom 14 +2
  • Fort +5
  • Charisma 16 +3
  • Will +4
  • Toughness +8
  • Ref +5


  • Attack bonus +8
  • Ranged attack bonus +8
  • Melee attack bonus +10
  • Grapple bonus +10


  • Armour (linked) (10)
    1: Mind shield 5 (linked) Impervious +5 to will saves vs. Mental effects
    2: Protection 7 (linked) +7 Toughness; Noticeable, Power Loss(Fire)
  • Friction control 4
  • Create object 10 Max size 10x 5’ cubes, DC 20; Limited (On water); precise; Power loss (fire)
  • Create object 6 Max size 6x 5’ cubes, DC 16, Power loss (fire)
  • Ice Blast (Blast 10) DC 25; split attack (two targets)
  • Cold Control 8; Radius 1000ft., DC 18
  • Freeze Em! (Paralyze 10)
  • Strike 10 + Split Attack
  • Speed: 10 miles per hour


  • All-out attack
  • Assessment
  • Attack Focus
  • Attractive
  • Contacts
  • Defensive Attack
  • Distract (Bluff)
  • Dodge Focus 6
  • Benefit: Private Investigator

Will: 4
Will vs Mental: 9 (5 in)
Notice: 15


Backstory: Whilst breaking into a testing facility private investigator “George Samson” fell into a vat of gama exposed liquid nitrogen, instead of killing him his body reacted to the liquid nitrogen and on waking up from a 5 day coma Samson discovered he had the ability to use the moisture in the air to create ice. Samson was found by Derek Jones (his best friend) in an allyway next to the testing facility and taken back to the safety of Derek’s flat where he protected him until he was awake.

With his new abilities Samson took the guise of hero Xeo and went on a personal vendetta to shut the testing facility down. Stopping to help civilains when he can.

Xeo is still unkown to the authorities but more and more reports are coming in of a vigilante stopping attackers with what appears to be ice. With so many sightings of this blue clad hero it won’t be long before xeo has to reveal himself to the world.

Job: Private Invesigator

Being a private investigator Samson has a list of contacts that he uses regulary for information when he is given a job some of these sources are from the police force themselves. Samson is also extraordinarly good at problem solving and uses these skills to solve puzzles and escape from tricky situations that the average person would stuggle to break free of.

Before gaining his powers Samson was hired by an unknown company to gather information on the hero and villians in the city and has gained a wide background knowledge of some of their abilities and weaknesses, although most of his findings are from sources outside his usual circle of contacts.

His most recent job was to investgate a Corvin testing facility on the outskirts of the city for several of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations and relay detailed intel on the goings on inside the facility. It was during this investigation that Samson had his accident which led to his powers.

Samson still works as a private investigator and uses his contacts to gain information that will help him bring down the testing facility.

Personality: Although his powers are very useful for helping citizens escape from danger Xeo often becomes too focused on his target/s and can forgets to help, This is due to inexperience in the line of duty.

As a fairly new member of the team he listens to any commands given and tries to perform them to the best of his abilities, he greatly respects the more experienced members of the team and is always trying to impress them. Xeo is not afraid to step on a few toes to get the job done and
knows that sometimes the needs of the many out way the needs of the few, something he thinks about everytime he puts on his costume.

Unknown to him something is coming and when it does it will make him turn his back on everything he believes in.

Love interest:

  • Vannesa Sharp.
  • Profession: Exotic Dancer (performing name: Poppy)
  • Student: Studying Forensic science

Poppy is a exotic dancer at local strip club “Wet” and Samson is her most regular customer.
Through the years their relationship has evolved and they have became lovers.
Poppy is always there for Samson making her very important to him.

Poppy is currently working at the strip club to pay for her course at university.

Samson has never reveled his powers to Poppy, although has had to use them at times infront of her when he thinks she is knocked out.

Best friend:

  • Derek Jones
  • Profession: Lawyer.

Samson only holds one person more dear to him than Poppy and this is his best friend from high school Derek Jones.
Derek was the first person to find out about Samson’s powers and has been helping him learn how to use and contol them.

Samson trusts Derek with his life but is afraid he has put him under to much pressure by telling him his secret.


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