Captain Education


Born in Dundee, Scotland. It was discovered at a very young age that Mark McCartney was exceptional intelligent. His parents had often thought something was up such as when his father had read him a story for bed one night at age 3 he was discovered by his mother half way through the next day having read the remainder of the series, something that at the age should have been far beyond his reading level. At age 4 Mark’s parents sent him to nursery school like any normal child, at the end of the second day his mother was asked to speak to the teacher who confessed that Mark was far too advanced for his age and she couldn’t teach him. While his parent’s were unable to afford a private tutor they did have a friend who was a high school teacher who agreed to teach him at the weekends. By age 7 the teacher realised that Mark wasn’t just a few years ahead but could potentially be classed as a child prodigy. Explaining to his parents that Mark could go for tests at Edinburgh University and if successful the University would probably take him on not just to teach him but study as well.

By age 13 Mark had his first degree. It wasn’t long before just learning for learnings sake became boring to Mark and at age 17 he turned his hand to more practical things. Mark’s capacity for learning stretched there as well and his quick experiment proved succesful when he was a fully qualified plumber two weeks after starting. With this in mind and bored again at the age of 21 he turned to the business world and was a millionaire within six months. At 27 Mark was bored of that as well and turned his knowledge to helping people. After three years helping out charities and projects in third world countries he felt he needed something more hands on.

Intrigued of the stories in the papers of costumed heroes in the States, Mark felt his superior intellect should be no match for the criminal element. He was right and by either reading directly through their schemes or manipulating them into traps Captain Education started to cut swathes in the underworld. Even on the rare occasion Captain Education would come into direct conflict with his enemies he was able to come up with plans so quickly and whip up make shift weapons that they never proved too much bother for him. It wasn’t long before he was getting asked by the British Government to advise on greater threats such as Powers using their abilities for personal gains. Taken by surprise by the letter from Mighty Man to his civilian identity, Mark felt it made perfect sense that he get the invite. However, once in the field with the other members of the newly formed Mighty Union he realised that fighting Powers may be a bit beyond him, but Mark had finally found something that could keep his interest and vowed to stay with the Union and do anything he could to help them behind the front lines.

Captain Education

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