Nicknamed ‘Metal Mickey’, Michael Wolfram is one of BF’s apprentices. A highschool dropout, he frequently got into trouble on the streets of Dominion City until BF took him in, taught him how to fix vehicles and fix his life. Now at the age of 17 Mickey helps run the garage and helps teach other kids.

Unfortunately, while Ruckus was operating as M0-HAWC with the Mighty Union for the first time someone took advantage of the fact he used the garage to help under-privilleged kids and kidnapped Mickey. It was this kidnapping that led the Mighty Union to the Ocset facility. After being rescued Mickey stated he had been injected with something but they hadn’t really done anything about it.

Mickey and BF made the decision to keep the kidnapping from his mother so to not worry her. However, shortly after this Mickey started seeing a girl at Dominion City’s University, unfortunately for Mickey she turned out to be a werewolf. While this shouldn’t have been a problem, whatever Corvin had injected into him reacted with the her bodily fluid’s and turned him into a rabid werewolf. The team were able to subdue Mickey once again and he would spend every night locked in one of the nullifying cells at the mansion while Psyman worked on a cure, although he was already aware that pumping some of the stolen Corvin power serums into him would override whatever the werewolf DNA had done to Mickey, Psyman didn’t want to go down that path.

However, after a vision of the future showed the Mickey’s transformation had massive consequences if not addressed M0-HAWC and Psyman decided that using the Power Serums was the obvious answer to avert some of the problems that were fore-shadowed.

Mickey was given the ability to convert his body into a metallic form that also gave him heat blasts. M0-HAWC took to training him in the simulator and it wasn’t long before he joined M0-HAWC in the field, wanting to go by the code-name “Scorch” everyone else felt “Filament” fit his powers more.


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