Half Life

Radiation Controler


Eric Brennan worked as an engineer in the Nuclear power plant. He was a loyal employee and had worked on maintaining the reactors for years. One night he was doing his rounds and he heard arguing coming from a corridor, he investigated and found a passageway he never knew existed, one that seemed to lead directly into the core.

As he approached the voices got louder, eventually he was able to make out one of the voices, Professor Victor Valente, a genius in several fields including bioengineering and particle physics. He couldn’t make out the other voice until he was almost in the room, it was the CEO Mr. Montgomery. They were arguing about some kind of experiment, some way to increase the output of the core by 1000%, Prof Victor Valente was saying it wasn’t ready but Montgomery wasn’t hearing any of it, he reached into his briefcase and pulled out some kind of device and stuck it directly into one of the control rods.

Eric immediately shouted “STOP” knowing how dangerous that could be, It was too late, the reactor had already started and neither of them turned as they seemed to be fixated on the dials, the power output of the core was spiking, 200%, 300% 600%, 900%, 1200%, Eric screams it cant take that much pressure. They both turn and Prof Valente has a look of shame on his face, unlike Montgomery who has a devilish grin, he shouts it works it works, this is going to make me rich. As he turns to Eric and realises he should not be here he shouts at him to get out but half way through his scream the core pressure spikes higher and one of the control rods fires out of the core and impales him through the chest.

The room begins to shake and crumble under the strain. Prof shouts RUN! They both try to make a break for it. The alarms are booming and the emergency doors begin to close, Eric realises if someone doesn’t stop the overload nothing will be able to stop the explosion that is about to occur. He stops running and turns back, the Prof is too busy running to notice and only narrowly escapes under the huge containment door. Once he realises Eric is not behind him he almost breaks down realising what he has done and there is nothing he can do but watch on the monitors.

Eric reaches the core chamber again and the heat is almost unbearable, He tries to remove the device and the control rods but the heat has damaged the mechanics that remove them so he has no choice, he steps up to the hatch in the core and steps inside, he knows he will only have moments before the radiation causes him to lose consciousness so he runs to the rods and starts ripping them out, he can hear the skin on his hands burning with the heat but he keeps going, just moments before he collapses he manages to pull out the last rod and he can hear the sound of the reactor shutting down, everything goes black.

The next thing he knows he is waking up on a table. He looks around and sees he is enclosed in a concrete room, he looks around and standing at a window looking into the next room is the Prof, he is smiling at Eric. He then explains the radiation killed him but started to mutate his cells, eventually his body revived itself but he was still in a coma, eventually his body started to die out again, the Prof managed to get a hold of some cells and realised the cells were dying due to starvation and seemed to thrive on radiation, he arranged for Eric to be transferred to a specialist facility and then stole the body and brought it here to his Lab under the plant, Due to being fuelled by radiation Eric needs to stay inside the chamber but the Prof is determined to find a way to free him.

Over the next year they both work on several ways of overcoming the problem until they design the WARD (Victor Valente Radiation Dampener) mark1. It contains the radiation given off by Eric and allows him to move outside the chamber freely.

After a few weeks of using the suit and after a few late night excursions Eric runs into some trouble, a gang beating up a guy and assaulting his girlfriend, he immediately runs at them and tries to fight them off, he manages to get off a few good hits but one of them pulls out a knife and slashes the suit, the radiation instantly leaks out and the entire gang including the victims fall to the floor. Eric runs off and heads back.

Over the next few months they design the WARDII with a hardened armour coating to withstand damage and the ability to focus the radiation he produces into small bursts and with practice focused punches. He also learns to release energy in such a way that it propels him into the air allowing him to leap great distances.

As a precaution and added safety feature the suit has been incorporated with a small nuclear generator that gives off small amounts of concentrated radiation allowing Eric to heal while away from his primary source of radiation.

When half life first started trying to be a hero he was keeping a low profile, he never really got into fights with powers as he didn’t know how well he would cope and was worried if his armour was to loose integrity it would harm the people around him.

He stuck to the back streets and stopped the house robberies, attacks, muggings, rape attempts and drug dealers. His biggest success in the early days was shutting down a drug manufacturing plant just outside the city. This got him some media attention but he tried to avoid this wherever possible. It unfortunately got him noticed by Blackguard.

Blackguard sent a one of his top hit gangs after Half-Life. They tracked him back to the bunker and waited until he was out of his armour; they broke in and managed to cut him off from it before he got a chance to get in it. They then proceeded to take all the research and details on the suit and what had happened to Half Life then smash everything. Victor tried to stop them but they beat him then held him down and shot him right in front of Half life, there was nothing he could do. When he eventually managed to bypass the lock he put his armour on and rushed Victor to the hospital but it was too late.

Something inside him snapped, he went hunting for the gang responsible and let nothing stand in his way. (think punisher style)

When he finally caught up with the gang leader – Charles Craven, Half life beat him into an inch of his life, almost killing him, but managed to control himself enough not to kill him and handed him into the Police. Half-Life never managed to find the information that had been taken or who Craven was actually working for.

He had always heard about an organisation going by the name Blackguard but had never had any hard evidence, now he knows they are out there and he isn’t going to stop until he brings them to justice. Half life was never the same after Victor’s death and is constantly having to control the rage that he has inside.

His first proper battle involving powers was working with Soyuz and White Knight at the Zoo and against Tritan vs. Bear. He responded to the situation without really knowing what was going on, once he was there he couldn’t exactly turn around and leave so he just had to go for it. Now he knows he can hang with the big Dogs and will do his part to bring them down but will always be on the lookout for Blackguard and its agents.

Half Life

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