Jackie Estacado

Drug Lord


Nobody’s entirely sure how Jackie survived Blackguard’s eradication of his competition, but this ex-Mafia hitman was able to take control of his “uncle’s” drug running operation and runs it right under the Crime Council’s nose.

However, business hasn’t been good for Estacado recently. A mysterious new drug, Surge, has hit the streets and he has no idea where it’s coming from. Jackie’s going to have to make some drastic moves to try and stay as Dominion City’s no. 1 Drug Lord.

As such, with his mysterious boss, he made a deal to bomb a Nigerian Military outpost and aircraft while Estacado’s men get a massive shipment of heroin out of the country on an ekranoplan so can sell it cheap. The Black Ops Team were able to first stop the bombing and then even the smuggling run. Why he was willing to go to such lengths is still unknown.

Jackie Estacado

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