The Devil, The Guitar and Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll
In 1930 Robert Johnson, a young blues player took his guitar to a crossroads at midnight. There, he was met by the Devil who took the guitar and tuned it so that he could play anything he wanted and handed it back to him in return for his soul. In less than a years time, Johnson became the king of the Delta blues singers, playing the greatest blues anyone had ever heard.
In 1938 Johnson died, believed poisoned by strychnine in his whisky. The Devil retrieved the guitar and, happy that he had created the beginnings of ‘His’ music, left things to develop on their own.
Blues gave birth to rock and roll and everything was fine until the 60s when bands like The Beatles became sucessful with their songs about love and peace and harmony. It was Cliff Richard that realy was the final straw. The Devil wasn’t happy, so he took the guitar, imbued it with more power and in 1964 gave it to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. The Stones were successful and took His music back in the direction the Devil wanted, but it wasn’t far enough and in 1967 the Devil took the guitar from them and gave it to Jimi Hendrix. In 68 the Stones released ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ in a plea to get the guitar back to no avail.
Hendrix took the music back to its blues roots. The Devil was happy with the sound and Hendrix was one of the greatest guitarists ever to have lived. But in 1970 Hendrix died of an apparent drug overdose. His girlfriend, Monika Dannemann’s reports of the night were contadictory and confused and at this time the guitar dissapeared. Dannemann, sent by God, fled with the guitar and managed to give to to Duane Allman of the newly formed Allman Brothers Band. The guitar was now in the hands of another great guitarist, but this time it was not under the influence of the Devil.
This period was short lived as in 1971, the Devil managed to orchestrate an accident at a crossroads involving Duane’s motorcycle and a truck. The guitar was back with the powers of evil.
The Devil needed to get back on track and searched for a suitable band that was already well established. He gave the guitar to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. In that year, Led Zeppelin released their untitled 4th album with mystical symbols instead of a title. On that album was the song ‘Stairway to Heaven’ which, when played backwards, contained lyrics about Satan. Led Zeppelin had truly embraced the Devils scheme. However in 1975, on the Devil’s instruction, the band stopped touring to set up a record label to promote their own products and sign other bands.
The guitar was passed on to Mick Jones of The Clash to work within and influence the newly formed British Punk scene. The Devil liked the rebellion and nihilism that Punk stood for but the simplistic guitar style didn’t harness the full power of the guitar. After the release of the Clash’s first album in 1977, the guitar was given to Eddie Van Halen. In another attempt by God to take the guitar, Gene Simmons from Kiss – actually an angel, financed and advised upon Van Halen’s first demo tape in an effort to redirect the power of the guitar from evil to good. The plan failed and Van Halen released their first album with the track ‘Running with the Devil’. Van Halen went from success to success, however, tensions were rising between Eddie and David Lee Roth and the Devil decided it was time for the guitar to move on. In 1983 it was given to Kirk Hammet who joined Metalica shortly after. As with the previous bands, their popularity rose as soon as they had the guitar. In 1986 an ‘accident’ caused their tour bus to crash. An attempt to kill Hammet and take the guitar. Hammet had swapped bunks with with bassist Cliff Burton who died in the crash. In 1990 Metalica began recording their self titled album. The album was remixed three times and cost $1million. Angered by their self importance, the Devil decided to take the guitar away from them. Bitter about the loss of power the album included the song “The God that Failed”.
In 1990 the guitar was given to Daisy Berkowitz of Marylin Manson. However the Devil thought the band was a little too controversial – after all, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. In 1996, just before the release of ‘Antichrist Superstar’ the Devil made Berkowitz suddenly leave the band, taking the guitar with him. The bands notoriety had become to high. Monika Dannemann tracked down Berkowitz and once again stole the guitar. Her body was later found in what appeared to be suicide.
The Devil kept the instrument hidden away until a suitable guitarist could be found.

In early 2006, four musicians met, seemingly by chance and felt compelled to form a band. Lead singer and guitarist Jan Stemme, lead guitarist Gunnar Magnuson, bassist Tor Stryker and drummer Ansgar Gandrson became the power metal band Blackwing and had relative success with the release of their first four singles – Ragnarock, Baptism of Fire, Rock the Hell Out of You and the self titled Blackwing. The Devil noticed the band, he liked their style and Gunnar’s fast paced rhythm and wailing solos was exactly what he was looking for. The Devil appeared to Gunnar at a crossroads on the 6th of June and offered him the guitar. Gunnar took hold of it and as he did a white beam of light came down from the sky. It was a trick – The guitarist was in fact an angel, one of the Powers named Khord, sent by God to intercept the guitar and take its power. The Devil tried to take the guitar back but the light had fused the guitar with Khord, making it part of his very essence. Khord played the guitar and, with additional power imbued by God, blasted the Devil back to Hell with a tasty riff.

Khord’s Mission
With the power of his guitar, Khord’s God sent mission was to defend the cosmos and human souls against the evil spirits that attempt to wreak chaos through human beings.
Since the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of this millennium Blackwing have performed their brand of heavy metal. In 2007 they released their first Album “A Wing and a Prayer” featuring the songs “Blackwing”, “Rock of our Salvation”, “Baldurs Fall”, “Fight or Flight?”, “The Darkest Hour”, “Baptism of Fire”, “The Rock that Rolled”, “Baldurs Rise” and “Exodus”. Their songs inspire the good in people and help them overcome the demons that taint their lives. Whilst Stemme, Stryker and Angsar know that they were destined to play together to spread the word of God, they have no idea about Gunnar’s true identity and that, as Khord, he also fights evil on a physical level, battling those that have sinned to make them repent.


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