Tech based mercenary speedster


Kristie Demidova was arrested by the FBI after a failed assassination attempt on Richard Corvin in 2003.

The US Government threw Demidova into a secret prison and hoped to draw out her handlers. Nothing happened and the Russians made no moves to retrieve her at all. Figuring the Russians had disavowed Nikitin and the others and their presence was unknown by the US public, it was decided that the prisoners were to be used as test subjects for their Powers Program.

The aim was to build a suit that would enhance the wearer’s speed and strength as well as advanced stealth capabilities, as well as a helmet to amplify the wearer’s senses. The early in the project the capabilities was split between three suits until the scientists were 100% sure they had them working properly and then try and integrate them. The three prototypes had already passed all the lab tests, but the first test with the suits had resulted in the death of all three US Marines. The scientists insisted that they had fixed the problem but it was deemed to high risk to endanger any more US lives.

Boris Nikitin was given the strength suit while two other inmates, Kristie Demidova and Gregor Vasiliev were given the speed suit and stealth suit respectively.

Kristie, along with her two squadmates, were actually some of the first Powers the Mighty Union fought as a team when they tried stealing some plans from the main Quantum Labs facility in Kansas. As well as being part of the team Blackguard hired to go after the city’s money


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