Founder, Computer guy of Might Union


Miyamoto is an avid robotics expert and video game addict. His greatest achievement was developing the world’s first nanobots. However when Miyamoto was first testing the bots their containment broke and started to crawl all over the Japanese man. Rather than consuming him or altering him in anyway, they actually responded to his thoughts and started giving him the power to do what previously were constrained to his games consoles. Miyamoto found he had the ability to create long chains from the nanos as well as allowing him to blend into the background and speak to other machines. After taking his new bot-enhanced body for a spin and stopping a mugging he took the name Link because of the connection between him and his bots and after one of his favourite gaming heroes. On commanding his bots to leave his body they became the form of a slightly elven looking female which he named Zelda following the earlier motif.

Now that Miyamoto has a flailing chain attack, he has given up trying to make the world a better place through computer games. Superhuman evil fighting powers combined with having a sexy entertainment robot has freed up some of his bandwidth to search for evil to vanquish/debilitate.

Miyamoto would be happy spending his time tracking down criminals and wrong doers, and wouldn’t restrict himself to massive incidents. If a massive incident was happening however, he would prioritise that above stopping a mugging. Crime lord, super villain, the devil, governments, oil tycoons, spammers, door-to-door salesmen, vampires, nasty computer virus’s, bowser – its all the same really.

Link has done minor local crime fighting, testing his abilities, generally making a bit of a mess. hopefully got a little bit positive press, got a few criminals apprehended by police, and saved a couple of members of the public (who he explicitly told “my name is Link” [he’s trying to hype his superhero persona to meet sexy lady crime fighters]).

He is curious about other super beings around the world and has been collecting as much public information as possible on other super heroes/strange things etc. going on around the world, with an interest in meeting them one day. He has a vague knowledge of names, powers and where sightings/incidents have occurred.

After being recruited by Mighty Man Link proved quite successful in the field but during their first mission his systems seemed to be infected with some sort of virus by the Technocrat. No longer able to bond with his nanobots, Link set himself up as Mighty Union’s operator alongside Captain Education


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