He's big, and gets bigger



Asim was a highly competitive high school wrestler. For him, winning was everything. He had to be bigger, stronger and better than any opponent.
After an unambiguous defeat at the hands of a larger opponent, Asim began searching for new ways to help him get bigger.

After a few weeks he came across the flyer for Corvin Industries on his gym’s notice board: “Volunteers requested for tests on an experimental bodybuilding supplement”. This supplement turned out to be a new form of steroid that promised faster and better results without any of the side-effects. Asim was their only volunteer.

Asim, not necessarily being the brightest guy around, managed to scrape through to high school graduation then on to his local college with a wrestling scholarship. In these months he had made considerable, and very noticeable, gains in his strength and size which allowed him to make a major splash in collegiate wrestling by managing to become State Champion while still a freshman.

These incredible performances on the mats led to an interview with the campus newspaper in the form of Myra Goldenstein, daughter of media mogul Isaac Goldenstein. This interview was to be the beginning of a romance between the two students. As freshman year drew to a close, Asim and Myra began dating in secret, both well aware that their families would not be accepting of the relationship across the religious divide.

The week before his freshman finals, Asim turned 19, and after many months of his dropping hints, his parents had bought him a motorcycle. After a few sneaked celebratory drinks later, Asim took his 15 year old brother Asif for a ride. The weather had turned dark and stormy, and the combination of wet roads, speeding, showing off and alcohol made the accident inevitable.

Asim spent 5 weeks in a coma, during which the doctor were astonished to find he lost no muscle tone, appearing actually to gain muscle tone and mass instead.

When Asim awoke from his coma, he was informed that is was incredible that he and his brother had survived the crash. This lead Asim to believe his brother had come through much the way he had, with just minor injuries, this assumption was completely incorrect. Asif had been left paralysed from the waist down and doctors doubted he would ever walk again.

Consumed with guilt, which turned to anger over his own stupidity, Asim headed to the gym to work off the rage and found, much to his shock and surprise, that none of the weights provided any resistance. He headed straight to the locker room to call the scientists, and got a second surprise as he smacked his forehead off the top of the door frame.

A group called Quantum Labs quickly took over all tests on Asim, trying to work out why Asim’s body had reacted counter to expectation in the coma. They soon discerned that the steroid, mixed with the medication given at the hospital and then activated by his immune system had caused the abilities that he was beginning to show.

Still feeling guilt and shame over his actions that had crippled his brother, Asim vowed to use his new abilities to always help and protect his brother as a penance. Although later incidents would soon convince him to also use his power for the Greater Good, and defend the public under the guise of Magnitude.

Further bad news was to arrive when Asim was advised he had been kicked out of college for missing his exams and due to his reckless behaviour.

Almost 2 months after gaining his abilities, he now splits his time between caring for his brother, working as a gardener at the university, occasional stints as a doorman or bodyguard and taking a first aid course at his local community learning centre.

This former arrogant and hot-headed jock is now a calmer, responsible and more compassionate young man. Traits that have helped strengthen his relationship with Myra, bringing them even closer than before. However he now has the complication of leading a double life, only his brother knows that Asim is Magnitude.

The Story Continues
In the course of his activities with the Mighty Union, Asim has been through many crazy experiences that have had a lasting effect on his personal life.

He’s had to reveal his heroic identity to Myra, although she has taken the news extremely well. He’s had a stint as the bodyguard to the DA, given press conferences and learned to pilot a jet.

Currently he’s back being a groundskeeper at the university, but has been asked by Myra to keep an eye on a rather enigmatic Chinese student who has been providing rather too quickly reports for the university newspaper about the undertakings of a new group of young heroes.


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