Jerry Hunt was originally hired by the Technocrat to act as a bodyguard for him when he was dealing with some of his more questionable clients and provided Tom with a suit of armour to fulfil his role.

Jerry took on the name Maverick as he felt he should have a cool name to go with the armour and it wasn’t long before he got bored of having a suit of armour and not getting to us it. He decided to start loaning his talents out to other organisations as well as the Technocrat.

Because Maverick is now a recognised Powered criminal Technocrat tries to avoid using him as his bodyguard and as such now relies on robots of his own design. Still Maverick got the suit from him for free to perform the role so he is still obliged to work for the Technocrat when he’s needed, free of charge. This has left Jerry with the rather unenviable position of passing most of his profits from jobs onto the Technocrat to clear his debt.


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