Founding member of the Mighty Union - extremely powerful Psychic and Telekenetic


Will: 5
will vs mental: 15 (10 in)
Notice: 13


Dr Simon Radisson – Scientist working in a secret LabCorp research facility working on a way to expand the limits of the human brain through direct neural interfacing. Was so close to completing it but couldn’t quite get it right until one night he had an epiphany. He completed the machine and they tested it on a human subject – It gave the subject higher mental acuity, telekinetic abilities and the ability to communicate telepathically. Human was fine for a few days but ended up going crazy and broke free and started killing people, no one could stop him, only way was to crank the machine up to full and use it on himself giving him the ability to stop him before going crazy himself, after stopping him Simon didn’t go crazy, his brain adapted to the changes and he now has complete control over his abilities. The funder of the research facility heard about this and wanted the machine for his own purposes, knowing the destruction it can cause, Simon destroys all data on the machine and blows it up, the only record of it is inside his head.

After destroying the machine, Simon left the LabCorp facility in Burlington North Carolina and went into hiding, he spent 6 months on the run fearing for his life until he decided enough was enough and tried to get his life back. He went to New York City and managed to acquire a new identity, Dr John Vattic and got a job teaching at a local college.

Unfortunately he was not happy teaching basic science so he worked his way up to becoming a professor at Empire state University. Although he is relatively happy here it is a lot more public than his previous roles and he sometimes worries he might get noticed one day.

He spends most of his off time working on theories trying to come up with a way to stabilise his condition that might one day deteriorate into madness. Helping him is his best friend Carl Sabien, a fellow professor and the only “normal” person to know what Simon can do.

Carl was trapped in his car as it slowly began sinking to the bottom of the Hudson when Simon lifted it out and pulled him to safety, from then on in Carl swore to protect his secret and they have become extremely close friends.

Simon does have one other secret, his relationship with one of his students Liz Swan, a beautiful and highly intelligent scientist who continues to impress Simon with her natural understanding of theories and techniques far beyond her years. She is very dear to Simon and he always fears that some day his enemies might use her to get to him and he is scared what he might become if they hurt her.

Being the only founding member of the Union to be on active duty for the first year proved a trying time for John. First Liz was involved in a car crash with a drunk driver, and her father paid for an organ transplant through Corvin Industries, then LabCorp came after him and as a result he struggled to stay in control of his powers. Shortly afterwards Liz announced she was pregnant. After the incident with JADIS resolved and everything from the possible future averted John decided it was time to retire from active duty.

John felt he needed to spend time with Liz and that his research into the Pantheon, Corvin and his own powers took priority now. After talking it over with Link and Captain Education he decided to start his own research company, Apollo Tech, as he no longer needs to keep a low profile and wants a legitimate way to rival Corvin too.


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