Despite the Union’s dealings with The Technocrat to date he technically isn’t a criminal, he just isn’t very fussy about who he works for, as long as they can pay for his services.

Darren Fox used to work for Quantum Labs and was their top scientist in the weapons department, but his designs for weapons were quickly picked up by the PCTF and he saw no increase in wage or a bonus he realised that he could make more money working for himself instead of Quantum Labs.

As the self styled Technocrat, Fox sits in a comfortable grey area due to the fact that he has supplied nearly everyone with advanced tech to who ever is willing to pay, including a few PCTF detectives looking for a bit extra punch and some heroes.

The incident involving a robbery at Quantum Labs is one of the few times that the Technocrat has ever been directly connected to a crime. Rather surprisingly he was secretly released, apparently by making a deal with the DA to provide Buckner Ridge with some high quality equipment.

His old base still seems to be in operation, however this has been revealed to just be a store front where his new design of robots are able to emit a hologram around themselves to appear as if Technocrat is really there.


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