Geomorph. Originally part of Nature’s Wrath, after Deep Freeze was put in prison by Mighty Man, the group fell in with White Noise. Though when Deep Freeze was free they all went back, a later deal with Blackguard where they were double crossed resulted in Tectonic being sent down. Tectonic had been against the deal with Blackguard because of White Noise’s warning, and it was White Noise who spring him from PCTF holding. Since then he’s stuck by White Noise and quickly rose to be his most trusted lieutenant.

Bizarely Tectonic was first seen by heroes associated with the League when Nature’s Wrath took over the city when both the Pantheon and the Mighty Union were out of Dominion City.

During the attempt to replace Senator Millar with a shapeshifter, Tectonic and the majority of White Noise’s crew involved in the job were arrested thanks to the effort of the Mighty Union.


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