White Knight

Walking Tank


Originally met the Mighty Union when Vibe was on a crime spree. The PCTF had contacted the US military for support. While he was vital in the erupting gang war between the various sides, he also showed little concern for limiting property damage.

He also helped Half-Life and Soyuz, who were not yet members of the Union, defeat Beast Lord.

The next time White Knight was met was during another bank heist, this time a little more blatant than Vibe’s. This was not the same pilot as they had met previously, it was revealed here that the White Knight pilot is actually a programme in the US Army, and there are multiple pilots so one is always on duty. Unbeknownst to the Army, but right in front of the Mighty Union, this pilot allowed Technocrat to study the armour in exchange for information on the bank robbers and their equipment. He was shortly thrown out of the White Knight programme for unrelated reasons, such as the way he spoke to superior officers. The Union also completely lost their trust in him, apart from the Technocrat incident he also attacked Khord and Half-Life in an attempt to claim the classified documents they’d just retrieved from the bank robbers.

In a possible future timeline where Psyman lost control of his powers in the Dominion Square incident White Knight opposed the Powers that were on the run. When the Mighty Union broke into Bruckner Ridge he was one of the main obstacles that tried to stop them.

White Knight

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