Mighty Union

The Wedding
Welcome to PL11

Psyman picked himself off the ground and turned to face the two men who had assaulted his wedding day, as Khord flew down and stood alongside him.
Cobalt and Black Katana teleport back in either side of the pair, Katana dropping the unconscious form of Clash at her feet. Xeo and Mickey sees what’s brewing and lines up alongside his team mates. Clearly panicking Psy-Kick edges closer to edge, slightly lifting Psy-Break in an attempt to leave, and gets screamed at that they will stay and finish this. He lets fly a desperate TK attack but misses.

M0-HAWC having finally built his makeshift armour, runs out and takes his place, just as Psyman starts creating a telekinetic whirlwind, and each member of the Union throw caution to the wind and put everything they have into the hit and throw all their powers into the growing maelstrom. As it looks ready to explode, M0-HAWC punches it for all he’s got sending it flying into both Psychics.

Both are floored and completely taken out.

Organ Donation

A flashback to several months ago.
Two Months have passed since their mission to the Venezuelan jungle with no word from their mysterious employers, when Network and Jaeger-V are once again summoned to the warehouse. Two new people are there, a man identifying himself as Tripwire, and another who refused to give their name, or even speak, but Network recognised from DC Fusion.

They are informed that their employer has decided to changes things up a bit with regards to the team, and gave them an easy task to complete to help bond the team.

Back in the present day they are summoned once again, and after the large monster attack in the city yesterday their employer wants them to investigate a Corvin facility that is simply labelled as ‘Organ Donation’. Once there, their job is to investigate what is going on there and report back. Jaeger asks if it is to be taken out, but their employer leaves this up to them, with so little intel at this stage they simply require more data.

They approach the facility from different directions, unfortunately, Tai sets the perimeter alarm off, but before he can fight back Trip Wire advises him to let himself be captured as he has a plan. Unfortunately, again, Network was already reacting to potential capture of Tai and was speeding down the entrance road and was met by a departing security team who were on their way to investigate his not so subtle stakeout. Avoiding their capture he turns to liquid and oozes out the back, and slurps onto the security vans roof for a lift into the base.

Tai is taken to a holding cell and an interrogation is attempted by Park and Dr Shelton, but he obviously doesn’t talk. The

Jaeger radios

Captured by Corvin Industries they realised they could put her to use in their donour clinic. Found by Mighty Union’s Black Ops team, she immediately took charge and called in back up, but refused to identify who she worked for. While the majority of the team managed to pull out, Network was kept by her side.
A fleet of FBI agents and a HRT Team took the facility, and Kicker identified herself as one of them (though she’d already denied being FBI to Network) another of her fellow agents appeared by helicopter shortly afterwards. A man Network and Jaeger both recognised.

Stag Do: What happens in Vegas...

Finally arriving in Vegas, and Half-Life teleporting in from the mansion, they check into the hotel and get the keys to their holiday bungalow. Parking the Trailer up alongside, the entire group suit up in superhero costumes (the likes of Batman and Superman, not their own) with Psyman being given some strange Banana themed superhero. They head into Vegas proper and start enjoying the Sin City. Slowly but surely all of them get so drunk they can’t remember what happened. Even Magnitude, who doesn’t drink.

Waking the next morning, they find themselves back in the bungalow, all in various states if disrepair. To everyone’s surprise Half-Life walks out of his room with two strippers, Xeo immediately recognises Poppy. The other introduces herself as Amber Lantern, but Poppy pulls her away and exits sharpish. The rest potter about until it dawns on them that they actually haven’t seen Psyman since last night.

Tracing back their steps through a number of bars and shady establishments, they spot a woman who attached herself to the group, specifically Psyman, and at some point managed to get him to leave with her, without the rest of the team noticing.

However, before they can start tracking this woman they see on the news that a BananaMan has started attacking The Strip screaming about Powers’ Rights. Rushing to downtown they just miss him. Deciding to investigate the woman they head to one of the casinos to try and find out more since the Bartender had identified her as someone who latches onto High Rollers, even to the extent of seducing them away from their significant others, and leaving with no winnings what so ever, earning herself the nickname The Temptress.

Much to their surprise, they spot John Vattic, stood in the craps area winning big, with the Temptress from the security footage on his arm. Magnitude approaches him but the woman says something to him and he becomes unconcerned with it all. Her and Psyman start making their way to the door, and quickly realise that they have been discovered. Saying something to the staff, the security guards start hassling the Union, and Vattic disappears. Trying their best to stay after Temptress most of the team get distracted by the security staff, and Banana Man leaping out the toilets. The rest of the team get stuck dealing with him, but Half-Life and M0-HAWC manage to stay with Temptress exiting the casino.

As she tries to disappear into the crowd that is running from the fracas inside, Half-Life takes a shot in the hope of stopping her, but misfires and hits someone near her. Unfortunately, this is just as the Pantheon arrive, who make to stop Half-Life from firing at civilians. Without his suit, and the fate of the groom still in the balance, M0-HAWC ignores this and stays on Temptress.

The fight with the Pantheon sprawls to involve the rest of the Union, after Acolyte tries to appeal to their better senses, which is ignored and the Union are reminded just how much the Pantheon annoys them. The three ‘Gods’ are quickly taken down. Unknowingly, M0-HAWC watches Temptress climb into a taxi.

M0-HAWC followed the cab to a suburban house and called in the rest of team who had called the truck to pick them and the members of the captured members of the Pantheon up. Busy trying to decide what to do with the captured Pantheon members, upon the call from M0-HAWC they decide to put them on ice right now, and leave them in the hands of Education, Link and Carl while they deal with Psynitude.

Detaching the cab to stay incognito, the team head to the suburbs, but before a plan can enact, and as the team realise they’ve been using comms, which both Magnitude and Psyman both have, M0-HAWC notices a near invisible figure walking towards him, and thermal imaging shows it to be Magnitude sized. The team in the truck keep arguing as M0-HAWC takes to the sky.

Half-Life instructs the others to try and restrain Psynitude, and he’ll deal with Temptress since he has his own life support system. Confronting her in the garage as she tries to get away, she tries her mojo, and Half-Life smacked her. Unfortunately, he hit her as if she was any other power, failing to realise that her pheromones didn’t effect her in any other way. An audible crack was heard and Temptress slammed into her car door and to the ground in an awkward pose. Though still alive, it was clear Half-Life had snapped her neck.
Meanwhile outside, Xeo manages to shock Psyman out of Magnitude, who collapses to the floor. M0-HAWC, seeing an opportunity sees a point of advantage and goes in for a grapple. He realises his mistake too late, as Psyman now possess him and PsyHawc is born.
It doesn’t last long though as Acolyte grabs PsyHawc in an electro-magnetic grip, and Psyman immediately pops out.

Having been distracted by his mistake, Half-Life finally stumbles outside and sees Psyman reappearing next to him. Not wanting to cause more lasting damage, but aware he has to take down his friend, he leaps at him and manages to drain Psyman, who immediately collapses to the ground.

The team start trying to figure out what’s happening, and Xeo heads inside to check on Temptress. However, the fight in suburbs has drawn attention, and just as the team get the unconscious forms of Psyman and Magnitude into the back of the van, two police cruisers turn up.

M0-Hawc manages to distract the two officers that come speak to him long enough for Acolyte to get Psyman out of the Banana Man costume, and the two of them manage to convince the officers that “Banana Man” escaped, but Half-Life explains Temptress was in on it, is a power, and needs sealed away in quarantine, and without her “Banana Man” should be less of a problem, if one at all.

After enjoying the rest of the Stag-do, they return to Dominion City, and Link has been keeping an eye on Temptress and the facility that held her. It appears that after a few weeks, she was transferred out.

Pstag Do: Guns
Stag Do: Meanwhile...
In Domion City, another bank job

A day after the Stag Party has set off, Dominion City is struck by another bank raid. The remaining team members, Half Life, Soyuz and Khord, teleport in, only to discover a group of heavily armed men piling into two vans. One tries to ice the team, another uses glue, while two flamethrowers set fire to the bank they have just left.

The team spring to help save the bank customers, and with the arrival of White Knight the fire is quickly put out. The police, PCTF and fire department all turn up and an investigation is started. It is revealed that the White Knight pilot is not the same man who had previously worked alongside Half-Life and Magnitude.

Soyuz, Black Katana, and the two lead detectives from PCTF and LCPD return to the PCTF headquarters to watch the security footage. There they spot something odd with the cleaning equipment present in the bank. Soyuz and Katana immediately return to the bank.

All four of them slowly discover that along with the cash stolen, four safety deposit boxes were broken into. Using his military connections, White Knight quickly discovers who they belong to. Surprisingly all seem to belong to members of the Armed Forces, and also a member of the PCTF.

117 – John SheppardPCTF
616 – Peter Rogers – Military- Army – Brigadier General (1 star)
1138 – Steve Lucas – Air Force (Colonel)
1701 – Benjamin Picard – Navy (Captain)

After White Knight visited the general and Black Katana informed the others

Went to see Technocrat, and made another deal with him for more info. He revealed he had sold the gear to the team, there was a total of 14 headsets sold, and while he didn’t recognise any of the three names LCPD had given the team, the fourth was one of the two men who had made the deal with him. He also revealed that they were due him money which might explain the incredibly large and frequent jobs. The team later theorised that they might be trying to blackmail the owners of the boxes with whatever’s inside them.

Pstag Do: Karting

Slipstream, Breakneck and Clash ruin the fun.

Laser Wars

DC Fusion’s break in to Estacado’s mansion, and the ensuing fight, gave the Police the excuse they needed to raid the place. They arrested most of the mobsters and discovered exactly what was going on underground, and they are all baffled.

Despite this setback, all out war has broken out between Estacado’s gangs and those that work for Blackguard. Worse, they seem to both have upgraded their weaponry to laser weapons.

Also two headsets and laser rifle taken to another part of the company to break down and try and workout.

Taichitu argues that the team can’t be distracted by stopping the fights, and should concentrate on removing the lasers from circulation. While some of the team feel there is sense here, both Tesla and Ent think that it is the least heroic thing ever said by anyone in the team, and promptly ignore it.

Someone (Cobalt?) goes to see the PCTF, who explain that all of the mobsters got released by a lawyer due to lack of evidence, however, the person who would probably be the easiest to spring, the scientist, was not.
Then the evidence all disappeared, no one can understand it, locked room mystery.

Now with multiple leads, the team decide that they should first visit the Technocrat before heading out of town. Technocrat reveals that the red lasers are indeed based on his design, but he is not making them. He doesn’t do bulk orders. The team try and get more out of him, but he refuses. Unless they do him a favour. Seems his old bodyguard, Maverick has been doing deals with someone else, and he thinks an incident with him and the Mighty Union a few weeks ago was the tipping point. He wants the team to investigate who the person helping Maverick is and get him a name.

Against Ent’s wishes they agree, delay the trip to the ware house even further and head off to the Paladin Enterprises building where the fight occurred.

Unhappy with the time wasted, and feeling this is turning into a wild goose chase, Ent decides to stay in Dominion City and help break up gang fights. The other four pile into the limo and head out of town and toward Kilmarnock.

Tectonic is immediately on the phone, and is informing someone of DC Fusion’s interference, when suddenly the other half of the conversation comes from behind the captured two, and the door to the bathroom opens, and out steps Estacado, carrying on the conversation as if nothing happened.

Halbech completely collapses under the scandal. The company’s shares plummet and eventually start getting snapped up by rivals. Both Paladin Enterprises and Obsidian Weaponry take some parts, but the majority was surprisingly taken by Corvin Industries. Mark reveals that Masterson Pharmaceutical had tried to get some, partly to help with their medical laser research, and also so they had a legal claim on all the information Tai had brought them on the computer.

In the end, despite this being a great day for the team’s achievements, it’s not gone so well on the publicity front, as Mighty Union and The Pantheon seem to have

Army of the Future

The Army are showing off their new drones, built from the lessons learnt from White Knight armour and new AI routines to a bunch of reporters, Senators and military enthusiastic civilians. Link and Education send Half-Life, Soyuz. Xeo, along with new recruit Black Katana to get a feeling for her. Which is lucky because JADIS takes over the various drones and starts attacking the gathered crowd.

While the Mighty Union do manage to defeat the robot army, there is a huge cost to civilian life, with about ninety percent of attendees killed. The team take it as a horrible defeat, and the city goes into mourning, but the press do politely point out that without the Union the Robot army would have got free and who knows what would have happened.


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