Mighty Union


Network, Vincent Von Vickers, Mr White and Jaeger V are individually hired and told to rendevous at an abandoned warehouse in Dominion City. Once arrived they find the warehouse is totally empty except for four chairs and a table with a conference phone on it. The rings and answers itself, and a heavily distorted voice explains that he is the one that hired the team and introduces them and their specialities. The team is going to be on call for missions, with heavy pay days involved, and their first mission is to recapture werewolves and Von Vickers is in charge. The other three scoff at this but Von Vickers states that werewolves are very real.

This Business Called Show

With the team knowing the secret of The Pantheon who in the public’s eyes are the more loved team, Link and Captain Education starts to worry about the team’s public image, especially due to the constant roster changes that is hard for the public to keep up with. As such he organises a little PR – a lovely press conference to help alleviate any concerns that the public may have, and answer any queries. Education even goes along to show he’s still part of the team.

The team take to the stage and answer a number of questions from the grouped press. Questions such as why the membership seems to be so fluid, although Education’s presence helps offset that, rumours of the unlawful holding of prisoners and Khord’s statement from a few weeks earlier. Overall the press conference seems to go pretty well.

The team teleport home after getting a call from Link that someone is on the grounds. The four field members head out and find a werewolf on the grounds. He has come as they can smell they still have one of the ‘abominations’ inside, and it is his duty that they all need dealing with. The team explain they have the situation contained, the werewolf offers to give them some time to resolve it if they deal with the other two abominations that got away after the initial incident. Psyman, Captain Education, Link, M0-HAWC and Magnitude agree that this is possibly the best time to implement the plan of a Black-Ops team as a manhunt isn’t something they should really be seen getting involved in.

City on Ice

Both the Mighty Union and the Pantheon are lured out of Dominion City by attacks by Powers in Atlanta and New York, respectively. With the two premier teams out of the city Nature’s Wrath use the chance to take over city, with Deep Freeze forming an ice dome over it, making it impossible for the teams to get back.

Luckily even though the two superhero teams were away the city wasn’t defenceless. Soyuz, Khord and Christian Stone were all in town. The three band together to try and figure out what was going on after facing off against Infernus and Sister Blister in the heart of the city’s retail district.

It seems that the rest of Nature’s Wrath have situated themselves around the city at strategic places to keep them in control of the city while their ransom demands are met. However, the impromptu team are able to take care of Volt at the power plant and Botanic and Tectonic at the city’s park. Deep Freeze himself has situated himself on the top of Tribunal Tower with some sort of device that allows him to sustain the ice dome.

After saving the city the three heroes are caught by the press again, Khord once again being asked if they are another team from the Mighty Union loses it and states quite clearly that he has left the Union, he doesn’t believe that teams are the way forward, only teaming up when the situation requires it. Soyuz tries his best to downplay the comment but its clearly too late for the press.

Assualt on Corvin

Following Mickey’s accident and the theory that putting Corvin power serum into his blood may resolve it, Captain Education and Link have been hacking into Corvin’s systems and have found a secret facility hidden in a valley in Iowa that looks like a good starting point. In preparation M0-HAWC has designed himself a new stealth suit while Magnitude and Psyman both opted for new black costumes. After some further hacking they manage to get the floor plans as well.

Kiss of the Cursed

Psyman is in hospital visiting Liz. Her father comes up to Dr Vattic and reveals that he has had to spend a substantial amount for a Corvin treatment that will use their new organ donour program and to basically guilt trip and argue with Vattic. He’s also not happy that Vattic’s not helped with payments and that his daughter is dating an older man. While the two are ‘discussing’ the matter a trauma victim is wheeled past looking like he was attack by something with claws.

Meanwhile Acolyte is getting a bite with Vic, his cop friend, who mentions several brutal attacks last night in the University area. Deciding to investigate the attacks himself he grabs his costume, throws it in the back of the car and heads over to the university.

It's All My Vault

Rant and Rave try to rob the Bank that Ruckus and Magnitude both happen to be in. Ruckus spots the cronnies coming in and slips out before it all kicks off and gets to his van, noticing the rest of the gang outside. The rest storm the bank and Magnitude follows their instructions biding his time. With the rest of the gang in the bank Ruckus moves his van and blocks their getaway vehicle in then takes out the driver, has him transported to the mansion and disables the ignition. He then drives round the back and changes into his M.0. HAWC armour.

Meanwhile inside, Rant leads two of the robbers down to the vault. With two of the robbers surrounding him Magnitude takes them out but Rave induces him with sickness. Eventually regaining his stomach he starts taking her out but she messes with his mind causing him to attack the civilians. Luckily he regains control as M0-HAWC comes in and they clear out all but two of the bank robbers who get away as the two heroes concentrate on Rant.

Behind Bars

Soyuz is hired by the government while M0-HAWC is sent by Link to infiltrate the prison as Target has turned himself into the police and sent to prison. The two team up pretty quickly but Soyuz gets spotted using his powers and the prison goes into lock down. M0-HAWC follows Target and starts a prison riot in order to follow him and the two successfully stop Target before he can kill his target.

Crashed Encounters of the 3rd Kind

It’s been 5 weeks since the Corvin incident. The Union is down to two field members with Capt Education deciding he’s not for field work, Link’s nano-bots still on the fritz and Khord has left to follow a higher calling. Link has bought a mansion on the outskirts of the city to be used as the team’s base of operations. The team has done a few small jobs but the press has largely concentrated on the Pantheon who seem to be winning the city’s hearts. Psyman has been running experiments on Bastet, the procedure that gave her the powers is slightly similar to the stuff for the Giants, and there’s a marker on it. The marker is easy to remove, a treatment to replicate the boosts she receives is not. She refuses the removal of her marker until he can provide boosts as well.

Link receives a phone call from Mighty Man’s secretary routing a call through from the Air Force. An experimental military vessel has crashed landed in the forest and they need the team to go guard it while they get some troops out there to set up a perimeter. They’re expecting one or two super villains to make a play for it. Acolyte and Soyuz are also contacted by the Air Force and air lifted in, though Soyuz turns up a later.

It's Not the Size that Matters

It’s 10:30 in the morning, the different characters are all going about their daily civilian lives, Psyman is currently lecturing, Morning Star is doing his tai-chi and B.F. Ruckus is working in his workshop with ‘Metal’ Mickey

Suddenly the group become aware of the city being attacked by 10 Giant Monkeys! All spread throughout the city. Psyman, Morning Star and M0-HAWC all intervene as well as a drug crazed hippie who thinks he’s a superhero.

Might in Numbers

Characters have all received a letter addressed to their civilian identities but when they open them it is addressed to their super hero ID asking them to come to an important meeting in civvies by Mighty Man. He has to leave the solar system on an important rescue mission and needs them to deal any issues that any single hero would struggle with during his absence.

Shortly after Mighty Man leaves an alarm goes off at a Quantum Labs facility, upon arriving Volt and KGB are stealing something that will help develop a hardcore suit of armour/robot. Link’s knowledge is limited to the KGB but, he knows they’re mercs, that they don’t usually have thugs along with them and that they don’t get involved in science things.


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