Mighty Union

Rise of the Robots

As the Mighty Union celebrate the completion of their jet one member is missing, Link, who is even more obvious as he was one of the team that built it. After the brief celebration and most of the team start going back to their normal lives, Link calls those that are left to the briefing room as he has something that he wants them to look into, he’s also extremely pleased that Psyman is one of them as he was on the original mission.

Last night Quantum Labs’ Kansas lab had a break in that seemed strangely similar to the one that the team investigated when it first formed. Looking into it Paladin Enterprises had also been broken into earlier in the week, as had other companies dealing in similar fields such as Halbech over the last three weeks.

Ooo, Upgrades

Following a debrief at the mansion and a quick training session with Filament, M0-HAWC and his protege head back to their garage, only to find that it had been turned over and his main armour was missing. They have a quick look round, then call Link who sends over Xeo for his PI skills.

Finding a few clues that seem to point that the perpatrator was wearing a suit of their own, as well as an exhaust trail heading North East which dissipates quickly, they overhear on a police radio that a someone was seen flying in roughly the same direction a few miles out. Following the two points, they set up a search pattern, with M0-HAWC flying, with the rest in the van. They also call in Soyuz, just in case things go south.

Knocking on Hell's Door

Following the adventure with Labcorp and Psyman who is still down in Burlington, the rest of team are trying to get their lives back on track. Soyuz is filming, Xeo is trying to drum up a case, M0-HAWC and Mickey is making the finishing the touches to repairing the van. Their routines are interrupted by the breaking news that a massive portal has opened up and creatures are pouring out, attacking civillians.

Independantly the four of them head to the epicentre of the disaster, Mickey making his debut to the public as Filament, or Scorch as he tries to be called. The majority of the city’s superheroes, including the Pantheon and Morning Star, are already there combatting the demons that demons pouring out of the portal

The Psyman Legion

Most of the field team head to the university, the expected place of Psyman’s loss of control according to the visions they had from the future. Back at the mansion Psyman gets a call from an angry Liz asking to meet. After some reluctance he agrees to meet her at The Daily Grind, a coffee shop the opposite side of town from the university. Link sends M0-HAWC and Soyuz to the area just in case.

The two park the van around the back of the shop and Soyuz heads in, while M0-HAWC takes to the skies. Psyman comes in in his civilian id and sits with Liz and start arguing about how he has been ignoring her. Suddenly the window behind Liz shatters and Psyman is shot in the chest with a syringe. Everyone round them passes out, including Liz but Soyuz manages to stay awake. He pulls Psyman away from the window who immediately activates his shield and he notices his powers are harder to control and sparking off uncontrollably.

A Howl in the Jungle

A day after the Senator Miller incident Von Vickers and Network are called back to the warehouse for another job, where they find Jaeger V waiting as well. Their employers require them to investigate a secret facility in the Amazon rain forest in Venezuela, and if it’s anything untoward, put a stop to it.

Using Network’s contacts they hire a private plane to take them to Venezuela with no documentation. After five days trekking through the rainforest they reach the facility. They test the perimeter and realise that there is only one security guard, Chuck, and the CCTV doesn’t seem to be operating, they also manage to overhear that the people inside seem to be awaiting rescue. Getting bored of trying to lure the security away from the facility Von Vickers strides up to the door and explains to Chuck that they’ve heard that they need help. Assuming it’s the rescue they let them in.

Kicking the Habit part 2

The Black Ops team receive a phone call asking them to report to the warehouse. On arriving they find their UN Agent sat casually at the table. Mr White is quick to point a gun at Kasrkin’s head as he doesn’t know him, but shifts quickly to Network, once again stating they need words before lowering his gun.

The UN Agent explains that his agents have been investigating Estacado over the last week and have found that something is definately happening out at the Dominion City docks and their job is to go investigate, find out what’s going on and capture someone high up for interrogation.

You Can Fight City Hall

The next day they receive a phone call from their mysterious employer and are introduced to a new member at the warehouse, Kasrkin, who fulfills a similar role to Jaeger V and ask if there’s any update on their mission to uncover the senator. Network with Kasrkin for support, sneaks into the Senator’s home and plants a number of bugs. Over the next few days he watches the recordings and from one or two conversations it becomes obvious that Millar has been replaced by a duplicate. Just after Network gets a call to be hired for ‘ another job’ that will take 24 hours. Meanwhile Von Vickers has spoken to a contact and learnt that the Senator had a mistress who was jilted by the imposter, and she’s trying to sell her story.

Kicking the Habit part 1

The Black Ops team are summoned to the Warehouse, but Jaeger V doesn’t arrive. The team are told by the voice at the end of the phone to investigate Senator Millar’s change of stance and resolve it. As the call ends the warehouse is filled with Special Forces team, and from the main door three people can be made out, one of which is the soldier they captured on their last mission. He isn’t in charge and the UN Agent who grills the team. He explains that the team now answer to him and says that the team have to prove themselves by completing a mission for him. He assigns a mercenary, Kane, he has working for him to watch over the team.

Two days ago a US Military cargo plane went in for a routine overhaul. It never came back. The personnal at the yard had already been cleared. Three men arrived on the correct day of collection, with all the right papers in full uniform and took the plane away. They ran the video and one of the men is known to work for a local drug lord, Estacado, another was a pilot for Gorner Inc.

The team research into it and find an airfield that is owned by Gorner Inc that could handle the plane and decide that this is their best lead. Heading there they find the place covered with Estacado’s men. After successfully assaulting the airfield the team are able to return the plane to the Government.

The UN Agent asks them to keep looking into the stolen plane, but the team point out that the main reason they’re being kept on is to find out who their employers are and they already have a job to do for them. He concedes the point and will assign some of his men to keep looking into it but says that he’ll be calling on them soon to finish this off.

My Flaming Valentine

Half Life and Soyuz respond to a police emergency to find Infernus and Botanic causing havoc down town and starting a lot of fires. The two Union members manage to stop the two and hand them over to the PCTF. However reveal that during the chaos the other members of Nature’s Wrath robbed a bank.

Shortly afterwards another fire breaks out, upon arriving the arsonist has already gone and the fire department has everything under control. The firefighters get an emergency call of another arson attack a few blocks. The two Unionist’s head there and manage to rescue some trapped civilians but no hint at the person behind the attacks, however the PCTF do reveal that the two members of Nature’s Wrath who were captured that morning have been broken out.

After some investigation they get a list of the possible perpetrators. Just as another fire breaks out in an office block, this time the team get there to see Sister Blister leaving the area. The team manage to rescue all the trapped civilians and head off after the villain. Getting there she is starting another fire but the team manage to intercept her and take her down. Concerned it was a replay of the same tactic from the morning they interrogate Sister Blister, but she seems to be ignorant of what Nature’s Wrath have been up to and just seems to be trying to get Infernus’ attention.

The team track Nature’s Wrath and watch them, they seem to have found the apartment they operate out of but they aren’t making any attempt to help Sister Blister.

The Soviet Empire Strikes Back

After the revelations from the night before Education and Acolyte go visit Half-Life who is only too happy to join for help with Blackguard and a possibility of leaving the suit. The three of them go to the TV studios to speak to Soyuz. However, while Soyuz is on set he is attacked by 3 Russians, Tesla Coil, Colossus and Molotov. Luckily the other three turn up and rescue Soyuz. However, talking to the press afterwards Acolyte reveals his secret identity to the world.


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