Tag: magic


  • Knocking on Hell's Door

    Following the adventure with Labcorp and [[:psyman | Psyman]] who is still down in Burlington, the rest of team are trying to get their lives back on track. [[:soyuz | Soyuz]] is filming, [[:brain-freeze | Xeo]] is trying to drum up a case, M0-HAWC and …

  • Andrew Crozier

    A British sorceror who doesn't seem to take kindly to being accused of being a power, or the theatrics that usually come with their world. The [[Mighty-Union | team]] [[Knocking on Hell's Door | first met]] Andy when a portal opened up in downtown …

  • Rupert Giles

    Owner of the Magic Box, and acquaintance of [[:andrew-crozier | Andrew Crozier]] from back in England. Seems to know a lot about magic.