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Up until ten years ago Corvin Industries was a small time pharmaceutical and medical company that was managing to keep going without challenging the major corporations. Almost overnight Corvin started to come up with new treatments, improved formulas and were making leaps and bounds in all areas. Recently they’ve even been able to offer a rather pricey organ donation service that is advertised as being compatible with anyone that needs it. Outside scientists have run many tests on these organs only to find that these organs are perfectly safe and don’t even have any of the drawbacks of other cloned organs.

The company went from being a middle of the road company no one paid attention to, to one of the biggest companies in the field. Corvin’s business rivals have tried to figure out what the source of their success has come from but to no avail. The best theory was they snapped up some genius chemist out of university that no one had heard of.

However, the Mighty Union discovered that despite all this success there was a darker side to Corvin Industries. It appears that a small section of the now multi-national corporation is involved in experimentation with Powers. The first indicators were hidden behind a shell company, Ocset, that were experimenting on homeless and runaways. While the Union discovered this and were able to put a stop to the experiments, the company was shut down by the Government but they didn’t find any evidence connecting this to Corvin.

Corvin also seems to be behind The Pantheon superhero team. While this is kept quiet from the public, the Mighty Union have discovered Corvin bio-tech within Bastet’s DNA and several facilities for the research.


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