PCTF Adventure

A day in the life of the PCTF. The idea being you will be playing veterans from the PCTF field teams. You are PL6 and using the Swat template from the back of the main book. The template takes up 53 points leaving 59 to be spent however you see fit. Hoever, the abilities (str, dex, etc) are not locked in so feel free to mess around but nothing more than +3

Don’t worry about equipment I’m gonna make the it free but keep what you can carry realistic. Proficiencies count, except for improvised and simple, cos I think everyone should have them as default.

Character types I’m envision (but feel free to surprise me) are things like helicopter pilots, heavy weapons etc. Even someone with a suit of armour (like the ones you fought in the last session of fathead’s game)

Potential Weapons
Sonic Gun

Experimental Nullifying Cannon (Lachlan) – Nullify 6, extra duration 2 (sustained), full round action, distracting, unreliable (uses) – 12EP

PCTF Adventure

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