Most universes give people with super abilities different names, Meta-humans, mutants. Others just stick with Superhero and Supervillain. This universe goes with the rather unimaginative ‘Powers’, though scientifically they are called Homo Praecipuus.

Powers is a term that covers anyone with super powers. This world doesn’t feel the need to differentiate between those that powers are given to them and those that are born with them. Since powers have only been around 5 years in the public eye it just might be a case that they haven’t need to yet.

Below is a breakdown of some powers as described in a report by Quantum Labs:

Growth Powers ā€“ A new power to the world and as far as the majority of the population is concerned a seemingly very exclusive one. So far this has only been seen in Dominion City, first with the giant monkeys and then a man who caused havoc then later in Magnitude in a much lesser degree.

Nature Powers – Seemingly quite common, it seems that the Power is limited to tapping into one element at a time. We are struggling to reason this with the ability of Soyuz, although metal powers are seen as separate to nature ones, though we also can’t explain what gives him the ability to tap into two separate power bases.

Psychic abilities ā€“ Psychicā€™s split into two very definite camps, Psychic and Telekinetic. It has never been known for a person to have access to both, well that was until Psyman, though no one is sure how he managed it.


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