Mighty Union

Crashed Encounters of the 3rd Kind

It’s been 5 weeks since the Corvin incident. The Union is down to two field members with Capt Education deciding he’s not for field work, Link’s nano-bots still on the fritz and Khord has left to follow a higher calling. Link has bought a mansion on the outskirts of the city to be used as the team’s base of operations. The team has done a few small jobs but the press has largely concentrated on the Pantheon who seem to be winning the city’s hearts. Psyman has been running experiments on Bastet, the procedure that gave her the powers is slightly similar to the stuff for the Giants, and there’s a marker on it. The marker is easy to remove, a treatment to replicate the boosts she receives is not. She refuses the removal of her marker until he can provide boosts as well.

Link receives a phone call from Mighty Man’s secretary routing a call through from the Air Force. An experimental military vessel has crashed landed in the forest and they need the team to go guard it while they get some troops out there to set up a perimeter. They’re expecting one or two super villains to make a play for it. Acolyte and Soyuz are also contacted by the Air Force and air lifted in, though Soyuz turns up a later.

As the Union arrive a Corvin team turn up as well. The guards are dealt with pretty quickly but the members of Pantheon confuse Acolyte who thinks of them as heroes. However, Raijin keeps attacking him so he makes his choice and sides with the Union.

Once PsyMan, M0-HAWC and Acolyte enter the ship and face Vibe and Tech Knight. Vibe gets away and Tech Knight goes deeper into the ship. Soyuz finally arrives but is met by Blink, who is taken out pretty quickly.

As Soyuz makes his way further into the ship the three man team continue to hound Vibe, eventually realising that he is doing everything he can to distract them they leave him to follow Tech Knight. Catching up with him he holds his own against them, even when Soyuz catches them up. Once Tech Knight is hit several times a klaxon sounds “Hostile invaders detected, counter measures activated” and energy barriers come down separating everyone.

Eventually they make their way through to the bridge of the ship to find Vibe re-teamed with Tech Knight, who has started tapping into the controls and seems to be physically interfacing with the ship. Upon facing Tech Knight he seems to have gained some new powers and be a lot stronger in the fight. Still they triumph and take the two down.

When the team leave the ship surrounded by a entire platoon of guys from some Government agency they don’t recognise. Johnson is stood there in charge waiting to secure the site. M0-HAWC gets message from Link about Liz being in car crash.



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