Mighty Union

A Howl in the Jungle

A day after the Senator Miller incident Von Vickers and Network are called back to the warehouse for another job, where they find Jaeger V waiting as well. Their employers require them to investigate a secret facility in the Amazon rain forest in Venezuela, and if it’s anything untoward, put a stop to it.

Using Network’s contacts they hire a private plane to take them to Venezuela with no documentation. After five days trekking through the rainforest they reach the facility. They test the perimeter and realise that there is only one security guard, Chuck, and the CCTV doesn’t seem to be operating, they also manage to overhear that the people inside seem to be awaiting rescue. Getting bored of trying to lure the security away from the facility Von Vickers strides up to the door and explains to Chuck that they’ve heard that they need help. Assuming it’s the rescue they let them in.

Huddled within the reception area is a group of people looking like they’ve been camping there for a few days. The power’s been off for quite some time. One of the scientist’s, Dr Kessler, is crying in the corner and a bunch that weren’t present looking after the two. The third scientist and Chuck both give what little they know but neither were present during the attack. Network is able to connect to the hard drive from the computer in the reception. Not much on it, but the site is only a few months old, there is only 18 staff there, and is a Corvin facility. Once they say going further in, Chuck asks what comm channel they’re on to keep in contact.

Reaching sub basement one they find a body with an arm torn off and the site admin is found dead in his office. Von Vickers’ spots something down the hallway towards the kennels watching them. While searching they find various files from both Goodman and Kessler. Goodman has been concentrating on a subject labeled ‘Prime’ while Kessler is convinced that Prime proves the process is possible the solution is likely with other means and how he’s made a discovery that should prove it.

Von Vickers’ takes the group towards the kennels, where they find rows of cages, 18 of which are occupied. 3 of the werewolves are barking like crazy, almost like they’re wild dogs. One is open, another broken. Von Vickers’ has a conversation with one of the captives who reveals that one was led away for testing and all of hell sounded like it broke loose outside, once things had gone quiet the werewolf in the empty cage broke free. Von Vickers’ refused to set the others free until the situation is resolved.

Eventually coming to the labs they reach one that looks like a slaughterhouse. On the operating table is a werewolf cut wide open, chest gaping. Surrounding the room is bodies that have been eviscerated. Before they can look any further they hear a growl behind them and are face to face with a werewolf, who attacks Von Vickers but Network manages to talk it down. While the werewolf explains he’s the American who escaped after the incident they hear gunshots from upstairs and Chuck shouts for help over the comm.

Leaving the american werewolf with a spare radio the team run back to reception to find Chuck and a female firing guns into the jungle. 2 more people were killed when Kessler changed into a werewolf and escaped. The woman identifies herself as Agent Myers and was sent by the US Government. Getting a message from the american werewolf that he’s smelt someone new deeper in the facility, Network and Von Vicker’s agree to go investigate that while Jaeger goes into the jungle with Myers to look for Kessler.

Exploring downstairs they find Eric Brooks, who killed the American werewolf and Von Vicker’s recognises as a Templar. They hear gunshots from upstairs again and there is no answer from Chuck, Jaeger informs them that Myers went a different way to him and he is still in the jungle. Everyone else is dead and they hear a Blackhawk helicopter approaching they later discover is holding a Corvin Wet Team which Myer’s takes charge of, and capture Dr Kessler.

They team up with Brook’s, figuring he’s the lesser of two evils and investigate the bottom floor, where Network is able to steal a bunch of date from the servers before Brooks wrecks them. The three escape the facility and head into the jungle, Brooks going off separately. After several hours they head back and rendevous with Jaeger, collect their gear and head back. Once back on the plane several days later they report in and send the information to their employers



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