Mighty Union

Kicking the Habit part 2

The Black Ops team receive a phone call asking them to report to the warehouse. On arriving they find their UN Agent sat casually at the table. Mr White is quick to point a gun at Kasrkin’s head as he doesn’t know him, but shifts quickly to Network, once again stating they need words before lowering his gun.

The UN Agent explains that his agents have been investigating Estacado over the last week and have found that something is definately happening out at the Dominion City docks and their job is to go investigate, find out what’s going on and capture someone high up for interrogation.

The team start planning and Von Vickers and Mr. White leave Network out of it. The shapeshifter starts getting very antsy and demands to know what the plan is. The others refuse to answer him. At the docks Network is told to climb a nearby building with Kasrkin to get a layout of the docks and placement of Estacado’s men. Network and Kasrkin ignore that and Network tells him to climb a crane which will give him greater visibility of the area, then he proceeds to sneak up to the warehouse where White and Von Vickers are to meet him, shortly.

Once there he hears an engine starting up and increasing in speed. Looking out he sees an Ekranoplan start to take off. Making a snap decision Network runs out onto the pier for the plane. The guards immediately start shooting at him and Kasrkin returns fire, while Von Vickers and White break into a run to help out.

Between Kasrkin and White they are able to take down all of the guards and Network is able to board the plane. Von Vickers meanwhile sneaks into the warehouse and finds a man in a suit arguing on the phone while trying to deal with the attack. Chopping his arm off to end the call, White and Von Vickers take the dying man back to their SUV, stabilise him and contact the UN Agent that they have someone. Meanwhile Network is able to take control of the plane which Snyder is piloting, and gets him to return to Dominion City.

While waiting White calls Estacado and threatens him, the team have a conversation about the ever growing number of powers Network has and what they’re going to do about it then they decide to interrogate their prisoner. The prisoner reveals that the stolen plane was being used to bomb a Nigerian military base at the same time the Ekranoplan was to pick up a shipment of heroin from drug lords that they’ll be able to sell cheap so to try and combat the fact they’re getting squeezed out by everyone switching to Kick. He didn’t know why they were going to such lengths but did hint that Estacado was answering to someone else. Realising he’d told them everything he could, White put a bullet in his head.

The UN Agent arrived and was unhappy with Mr White’s decision but luckily Network arrives in the plane at this point. The agent is happy with the capture of Snyder and a clean up crew gets to work.

Telling Network they now had a new mission, the other three drive him an hour out of the city into some woods. Here they interrogate him about his newly revealed powers. Against his better judegement he admitted to being a shapeshifter and with further prodding that he could stretch his body out. The team found the fact he kept all of this hidden from them very suspect, but Network argued that the simple fact was he was hired because he can get in anywhere and what does it matter how he does it. The team accepted his explanation but weren’t happy about it.



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