Mighty Union

Ooo, Upgrades

Following a debrief at the mansion and a quick training session with Filament, M0-HAWC and his protege head back to their garage, only to find that it had been turned over and his main armour was missing. They have a quick look round, then call Link who sends over Xeo for his PI skills.

Finding a few clues that seem to point that the perpatrator was wearing a suit of their own, as well as an exhaust trail heading North East which dissipates quickly, they overhear on a police radio that a someone was seen flying in roughly the same direction a few miles out. Following the two points, they set up a search pattern, with M0-HAWC flying, with the rest in the van. They also call in Soyuz, just in case things go south.

Filament, Soyuz and Xeo check out a technology park that fell along the projected line and nine possible buildings in there. After eliminating the Corvin building and a company that appeared to be making white goods, they were left with the Paladin Enterprises facility.

Seeing that some people were working late, Soyuz shifted into liquid metal form so he could get a closer look, finding one of the engineers working on a number of items, including something that looked incredibly like M0-HAWC’s armour. Xeo, using his PI status gets the guard to let him into the building under the pretence of helping stop industrial sabotage. Touring the facility, he is able to get the engineer, Raymond Spencer, out of the office while Soyuz snuck in through the airducts for a closer look. Once in he finds that as well as another suit of armour and some strange gun-like device it is definately M0-HAWC’s armour, who returns to the van and lines it up for Soyuz smashing the wall to get it back. Just then the van is attacked from above by Maverick.

As this is taking place, Spencer gets a call and leaves the room he’s in with Xeo, who follows to see Spencer heading back to the room. Convincing the guard to head to entrance so to head them off if they try to get away Xeo ices up and join the fight. Spencer is seemingly taken out quickly and everything shifts to getting M0-HAWC’s armour back and dealing with Maverick. Now faced with all four of them, Maverick makes the only sensible option and legs it. Going back into the lab Spencer has disappeared and taken the prototype armour and the gun with them. However the team manage to get the hard drive from his computer.

The guard is convinced that the Mighty Union were there to stop the industrial sabotage by Spencer and when the PCTF turn up as well. Back at the mansion they take a look at the hard drive and find the plans of Maverick’s armour that Spencer seems to have reverse engineered.



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