Mighty Union

Organ Donation

A flashback to several months ago.
Two Months have passed since their mission to the Venezuelan jungle with no word from their mysterious employers, when Network and Jaeger-V are once again summoned to the warehouse. Two new people are there, a man identifying himself as Tripwire, and another who refused to give their name, or even speak, but Network recognised from DC Fusion.

They are informed that their employer has decided to changes things up a bit with regards to the team, and gave them an easy task to complete to help bond the team.

Back in the present day they are summoned once again, and after the large monster attack in the city yesterday their employer wants them to investigate a Corvin facility that is simply labelled as ‘Organ Donation’. Once there, their job is to investigate what is going on there and report back. Jaeger asks if it is to be taken out, but their employer leaves this up to them, with so little intel at this stage they simply require more data.

They approach the facility from different directions, unfortunately, Tai sets the perimeter alarm off, but before he can fight back Trip Wire advises him to let himself be captured as he has a plan. Unfortunately, again, Network was already reacting to potential capture of Tai and was speeding down the entrance road and was met by a departing security team who were on their way to investigate his not so subtle stakeout. Avoiding their capture he turns to liquid and oozes out the back, and slurps onto the security vans roof for a lift into the base.

Tai is taken to a holding cell and an interrogation is attempted by Park and Dr Shelton, but he obviously doesn’t talk. The

Jaeger radios

Captured by Corvin Industries they realised they could put her to use in their donour clinic. Found by Mighty Union’s Black Ops team, she immediately took charge and called in back up, but refused to identify who she worked for. While the majority of the team managed to pull out, Network was kept by her side.
A fleet of FBI agents and a HRT Team took the facility, and Kicker identified herself as one of them (though she’d already denied being FBI to Network) another of her fellow agents appeared by helicopter shortly afterwards. A man Network and Jaeger both recognised.



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