Mighty Union

Plan Hate

It has been a couple of months since the Mighty Union stopped JANIS’ plan and, as far as they’re concerned, completely and utterly averted the terrible future they saw in the mindlink with their future selves. Psy-man has left and started Apollo Tech. The rest of the team have been working stopping disasters and fighting villains, but nothing major to really distract them. On the lighter side the nullifier in the base now covers all public areas, which has greatly improved Half-Life’s living conditions, and his body odour.

Today is like the majority of days since their fight against the robots, everyone has left to their own devices and they get to have a quiet evening. Xeo and Poppy are watching TV, Magnitude is hanging out with his brother, Khord is performing at a gig, Half-Life is bumming around the mansion not having to where his containment suit.

Suddenly on the TV, the programme Xeo and Poppy are watching is interrupted by the news. A special report as rioting has broken out across the city with no real explanation. As Xeo watches this, there’s a guy in the background who’s acting like a prat because he’s got on television. Without warning the reporter turns round and belts him one and doesn’t let up.

Poppy suddenly flips out at him, shouting at him about keeping secrets, and she knows he’s been up to stuff. At Khord’s show, the moshpit turns ugly, Magnitude’s brother starts screaming at him that his being in the wheelchair is all his fault. At the mansion Link is monitoring the riots and wants to dispatch Half-Life to investigate. He contacts Magnitude and to help, meanwhile Xeo and Khord gets in touch to find out what is going on.

The three of them

Khord, Xeo, Magnitude and a new hero struggle against demons.

Freezing the water.



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