Mighty Union

Rise of the Robots

As the Mighty Union celebrate the completion of their jet one member is missing, Link, who is even more obvious as he was one of the team that built it. After the brief celebration and most of the team start going back to their normal lives, Link calls those that are left to the briefing room as he has something that he wants them to look into, he’s also extremely pleased that Psyman is one of them as he was on the original mission.

Last night Quantum Labs’ Kansas lab had a break in that seemed strangely similar to the one that the team investigated when it first formed. Looking into it Paladin Enterprises had also been broken into earlier in the week, as had other companies dealing in similar fields such as Halbech over the last three weeks.

The team head to Kansas to have a look into the break in at Quantum, where for all intents and purposes it doesn’t look like there was a break in, nothing on the cameras, no physical evidence. However the files were definitely missing from the computer, which showed evidence of being hacked and a device being attached, also the security door operated by a keycard decided to open without a keycard being used. They are told by the Head Scientist that the hacking on the computer should take a super computer and is way beyond any human being, but it was definitely done on site.

Studying the camera footage Psyman spots that there is a path that could be followed but would require split second timing and even superspeed wouldn’t be enough to beat it, just very precise timing to stop and start during the gaps in the rotation.

With the recent attempt to steal M0-HAWC’s armour the team try to work out if the two robberies are connected, plus the question that bugged them during the original mission, was Maverick working with Spencer. Working out who else could be responsible the team come up with several possibilities Breakneck and Ghost have the stealth and the super speed, Tech Knight has the ability to communicate with machines. Also the fact that the Technocrat was behind the original Quantum Labs break in and Maverick works for him places him high on the suspect list. Soyuz suggests heading to Paladin Enterprises to see how the break in there matches up.

At Paladin Headquarters they speak with CEO Patrick Temple, Head Scientist Douglas Priest and Paladin himself. Due to Paladin being a hero himself, the security routines are periodically changed so insider knowledge can’t be used to bypass security by any number of his Powered enemies. As a result they were able to catch sight extremely briefly of a leg disappearing out of view. Xeo notices that there’s a gap in the leg and the quickly realise it’s robotic, and Psyman recognises it but not properly. After going over the evidence, they quickly realise that the Technocrat is the only one they know who uses robots, which Psyman realises that was where he recognised the robot leg from, and from Acolyte’s memories in the future the robots were based out of the same warehouse where the team first fought Technocrat.

The team set course back to Dominion City and the Mansion to drop the jet off before facing Technocrat. As they fly towards the hangar, nothing happens and the door refuses to open. Psyman just manages to pull up at the last minute, no answer comes through when trying to radio someone inside and Psyman’s ESP won’t penetrate into the main facility. They let the other team members know that the mansion has been compromised and they’re looking into it. Filament and Xeo get out in the grounds and make their way to front door, Psyman flies to the hangar where he and Soyuz get out and manage to slip through a gap in the door. The plane climbs to high altitude where M0-HAWC also climbs out and circles waiting to fly to Filament and Xeo’s aid if needed or to take an alternate route.

Once in the hangar, Psyman and Soyuz realise that the room looks different to when they left a few hours ago. Touching the wall Psyman found his hand being enveloped by the metal. Soyuz was able to blast him free, but he noticed that the other walls were closing rapidly in on them. The two make a dash for the door and they just make it through as the room slams together.

Xeo and Filament are quickly targeted by the newly installed defense system but they are able to over come the sentry guns in no time. Not waiting around the two kick the main door down and make their way to the secret elevator located near the kitchen. Just as they are about to reach it they are attacked a construct made up of kitchen appliances. Xeo is able to disable the fridge that was sitting at the centre of the machine and the construct went down quickly after that.

Seeing Xeo and Filament enter the mansion, M0-HAWC heads for the garage that has the vehicle elevator leading to the workshop. With the garage door locked Ruckus’ takes the quick way to open and activates one of EMP grenades. Unfortunately, this also disables the elevator and M0-HAWC is left taking the service ladder.

Reaching the bottom, M0-HAWC is faced by his own van whose engine starts, but before it can do anything he drops another EMP. Heading out the door he finds himself at the opposite end of a corridor to Psyman and Soyuz, the corridor is criss-crossed with lasers and another corridor heading for lift at the middle of the one they are stood in. Soyuz hears a buzzing behind them, looks behind to see a swarm of metallic insects heading for them, shouts run at Psyman and takes his liquid metal form to get through the lasers unharmed. M0-HAWC, confused at the sudden urgency of his team mates, he is shocked when he is enveloped by bugs at his side too. Acting quickly he drops his last EMP, taking out the swarm and quite a number of the laser on his side as well. He heads off as quickly as possible towards the other corridor.

The three of them round the corner, Psyman smacking the call button for the elevator with his TK to make sure it was ready and waiting. It opens to reveal a rather shocked looking Xeo and Filament, and the other three pile in and close the door before the swarm can catch them up.

The lift opens up on what should be the main floor of the underground facility, but they are faced with a layout none of them have seen before, with the option of taking eight different corridors. Before they can step out of the elevator M0-HAWC manages to receive a signal from the Jet indicating that there are unknown contacts heading for the mansion and will get there in three minutes. Deciding the quickest way to cover the ground they split up, each taking a corridor. Soyuz, Filament and Xeo find mazes of corridors, while Psyman comes into a large open space with five combat droids in it that immediately open fire on him. He calls out to the others to help him out but only M0-HAWC who’d picked a corridor that was a dead end was able to make his way to him straight away and the two took out the robots with little trouble. The other three members manage to get to the room just as the fight finishes.

The team are faced with five directions, one of which is blocked off by a huge stone slab. Deciding that this was clearly hiding the correct way, Psyman drags the block out the way with his TK revealing a bottomless pit behind it and a door on the other side. Psyman heads over but is unable to get the door to open. Xeo forms a bridge for the others to cross but the nanites start breaking it down, though it looks like it’ll hold for a short time. Soyuz and Filament decide to go investigate one of the other corridors but just find another maze. Xeo’s unable to get the door to open and in frustration Psyman fires at it, knocking it off it’s hinges. Inside they find Link suspended in some sort of field, a machine in the corner and Half Life and Captain Education attached to a wall. M0-HAWC and Soyuz fly across to join them while Filament keeps looking in case they’ve missed something.

M0-HAWC realises that the machine in the corner is actually the shield generator that is keeping Link, Psyman mentions destroying it, but M0-HAWC advises against it, as the shield generator might not be to keep Link in but the nanites out. Meanwhile, Filament has come across a corridor full of lasers, and the only hope that was to crawl through it. However, Filament reasoned that lasers are simply heat, and he’s immune to heat. Unfortunately he was mistaken and burnt himself.

They manage to revive Education who explains that shortly after the others left Zelda started acting strangely, then Link was totally cut off from his nanites. He was trying to reestablish that when everything went crazy and Education lost conciousness. Making a decision M0-HAWC disables the shield generator. Link falls to the ground, moaning in pain and shouts for a computer. Soyuz hands him a PDA and Link quickly gets Zelda to form out of the floor. He jams his hand into her face which slowly crawls up his arm, resembling his old armour. He declares he’s got control of the nanites and when he’s told of the incoming robots he also manages to get the defense system back up and running with just under 30 secs left on the clock.

Link asks how the investigation went but the others look at him in disbelief as how he lost control seems more important. He explains he has a theory, checks something on the PDA and states that the signal that was received before everything kicked off was an activation code for the virus he caught when they first fought the Technocrat, luckily the information gained from their future selves had caused him to build in a lot more saftey measures.

This gives the team even more belief that Technocrat is the one behind the break ins etc and prepare to go after him.

Part 3
Once there they send Soyuz to sneak past the Technocrat’s defences in his liquid metal form. Inside Soyuz gets up to the door of the lab when Technocrat turns round and invites him in. Shocked the Russian forms into a humanoid shape and enters the lab. Technocrat seems oblivious to why the Mighty Union would be there and thinks they’re just to do business.

Outside, while they wait for the signal from Soyuz, the team spot something approaching that appears to be Maverick. However, the figure fires at the roof of Technocrat’s mansion and the team set off to engage it. ‘Maverick’ blows the roof of the lab and states to Technocrat “Father, I will not allow some pathetic meatbag to get in my way. You know too much.”
Technocrat murmurs “ASLAN?” but is informed by armour “No more, now I am JADIS!” and fires at the two in the lab.

The Union engages JADIS but doesn’t seem to be doing much damage, Soyuz changes to fire form and flies out of the lab. JADIS seems to ignore them, fires into the lab at Technocrat then leaves. Psyman and M0-HAWC try to give chase but the armour flies far quicker then either can manage, though M0-HAWC can see his heat trail heads off into the city.

Soyuz heads down to see Technocrat but only finds a crater and parts that could belong to his tech-pack. Soyuz reports to the others it looks like Technocrat is dead but then his image appears on the screen “Well that was annoying.” The others land in the lab and a robot walks in, first thing that is noticed is the robot is different design to the robots that the Technocrat used to use, and has a different leg design so there is no gap anymore.
“Upgrades?” Psyman asked
“Well I had to after you lot destroyed the last lot. Hang on a minute, I hate this thing.” The screen shut off and then light starts flickering around the robot, and an image of Technocrat appears around it. The Union stares at the new image. “Oh don’t look like that, it’s a hologram, I hate staring into a camera, this way it’s like I’m really here. Besides did you really think I’d keep this place as my main base after you lot raided it. This is just a shop front now.”

They discuss JADIS, after Soyuz winds the Technocrat up for naming him after a Narnia character which he denies outright. Technocrat is happy to explain all to them, for a price, while Psyman is extremely unhappy with the arrangement they agree to start with and he reveals that when they first met was all Maverick’s idea but he saw the profit and he went against his better judgement for it. The body JADIS was in looked like the improved version of Maverick’s suit he was working on, with further advancements, such as M0-HAWC’s armour and he would have had access to any of Technocrat’s more pedestrian designs, such as the old design of the robots. Due to the team’s questions it becomes clear that they think JADIS could be behind the recent robberies, Technocrat reckons that he can work out what’s going on if he has all the details. Psyman flat out refuses and the team leave. He states that if they change their minds he’ll be happy to help for a very high price.

Back at the mansion Xeo looks into production lines that are meant to have been abandoned but have mysteriously started up again, and he finds a number in Detroit. Meanwhile Soyuz approaches Link, explaining Technocrat’s offer. The two decide that it’s too good an opportunity to pass up, Link sets up the money and sends Soyuz back to the warehouse. With the information Technocrat realises what JADIS is trying to do and that he will need to hit a Corvin facility in Dominion City to finish the plan.

Soyuz returns to the Mansion and explains what he learned from Technocrat, not hiding the fact where he got it from. Xeo agrees soon as Corvin is mentioned and while Psyman sees the sense he’s reluctant due to where the information came from. Still, the rest of the team point out that this is a time restricted lead while Detroit can wait.

They take up stake out positions around the Corvin facility and wait. Eventually, late into the night some of them spot movement within the building. Psyman uses his ESP to confirm that robots are in the facility, but Corvin have beefed up their own security with one of their Swat Teams that the team had only seen in secret facility before and they looked as if they were aware of the robots as well.

M0-HAWC, tracks the heat signatures and finds an extra one that stopped a few blocks away. Psyman goes to investigate. Xeo decides that with the robots in the facility the time to act is now and proceeds to break into the building, setting alarms off all over level above the laboratories. With him breaking the silence Filament follows while M0-HAWC goes further down the building and starts trying to jury-rig a huge EMP. Xeo blocks the stairwell with ice but he and Filament are cornered by Corvin’s security team, Xeo reacts and starts a fight but Filament is able to talk them down.

Psyman watching JADIS warns everyone that he is on his way over, Soyuz flies over to the roof entry and switches to his metal form blocking the entry to the robot. Psyman blast him through the floor with all the power he can muster and manages to severely damage the armour. The two keep fighting him, hoping to buy M0-HAWC enough time to finish the EMP which he manages to rig to only effect the Corvin building.

The robots break through the ice and reach the laboratories, but are quickly stopped by Filament, Xeo and the Corvin guards, but one looses it and attacks the Powered Guard, thanks to Psyman losing control of his powers briefly while fighting JADIS.

M0-HAWC manages to get the EMP up and running, and upon activating it JADIS shuts down. The team remove the memory core from the armour and destroy it, then take it back to the mansion so M0-HAWC and Half-Life can study it. Psyman announces that he is stepping down from active duty as he feels that with the future definitely changed and a baby on the way his priorities lie elsewhere.



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