Mighty Union

Network, Vincent Von Vickers, Mr White and Jaeger V are individually hired and told to rendevous at an abandoned warehouse in Dominion City. Once arrived they find the warehouse is totally empty except for four chairs and a table with a conference phone on it. The rings and answers itself, and a heavily distorted voice explains that he is the one that hired the team and introduces them and their specialities. The team is going to be on call for missions, with heavy pay days involved, and their first mission is to recapture werewolves and Von Vickers is in charge. The other three scoff at this but Von Vickers states that werewolves are very real.

Between Von Vicker’s knowledge and Jaeger’s skills the team manage to track the first werewolf to the city’s sewers, and capture the animal relatively easy. Von Vicker’s does think something is strange as the werewolf is a lot more rabid than he is used to.

On the way back to the van however, they are ambushed by a team of commandos and Jaeger and Network are badly injured. Jaeger himself heals quickly, but while he is working on Network, Jaeger notices something is strange with his team mate’s biology, though he keeps this to himself.



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