Mighty Union

You Can Fight City Hall

The next day they receive a phone call from their mysterious employer and are introduced to a new member at the warehouse, Kasrkin, who fulfills a similar role to Jaeger V and ask if there’s any update on their mission to uncover the senator. Network with Kasrkin for support, sneaks into the Senator’s home and plants a number of bugs. Over the next few days he watches the recordings and from one or two conversations it becomes obvious that Millar has been replaced by a duplicate. Just after Network gets a call to be hired for ‘ another job’ that will take 24 hours. Meanwhile Von Vickers has spoken to a contact and learnt that the Senator had a mistress who was jilted by the imposter, and she’s trying to sell her story.

Von Vickers met up with the real Millar’s mistress posing as a member of the press, who agreed to be the bait within a honey trap the next day. Mr White arrived, and he and Von Vickers went to the hotel to lay the trap. The imposter offered the mistress a hell of a lot more money than she was getting from the Black Ops team. Before she could react Mr White and Von Vickers sprang their trap but the imposter ran for the window and using the curtain was able to swing into the next room. Von Vickers ran and the door was opened by a very surprised woman, but the room was empty except for her. Mr White joined him and spotted the woman walking down the hallway. Realising the room was empty he set off after her, only to see her enter the lift. The two set off down the stairs and Mr White managed to get to the reception in time. However, the woman was nowhere to be seen but there was a man that was acting quite suspicious. Mr White followed them out the door but lost him.

The two leave the hotel and Mr White explains his theory that the imposter could be a shape changing alien. Network returns from his other job, agrees with the shapechanger but the alien part is too far fetched. With the honey trap failed, they come up with a plan to capture the shapeshifter during a press conference Millar is holding about the attempt on his life that morning. Network heads off and manages to replace one of the bodyguards, Johnson, while the other two get in as press. They quickly realise that attacking him during the conference would be very bad publicity and tell Network to lure him away to an unused conference room.

Cornered, the shapeshifter cut a deal with the Black Ops team. For $12 million he’ll disappear, for another $5 million he’ll give them the location of the Senator. They agree and but while he makes a very bad public appearance the team decide that with the information theirs they don’t have to pay, Von Vickers has also managed to find out that White Noise is behind it from one of his sources. As he re-enters the conference room Network attempts to knock him out. The team just get the upper hand just as the Senator’s bodyguards are about to enter the room. Network quickly shifts to the Senator, revealing his powers to both Mr White and Von Vickers. Mr White wants words! But right now he and Von Vickers take the captured shapeshifter to the warehouse where he is teleported away, Von Vickers reveals that White Noise is behind it and they are thanked for their time. Network is told to keep pretending to be the Senator while they drop off an ‘anonymous tip’ to another party that can deal with it.

Back at the Mighty Union Mansion, after receiving the information from the Black Ops team the Mighty Union decide they’re better off dealing with it. Only Magnitude and Half Life are available for field work but luckily Khord has now finished his European Tour and is able to rejoin the team. The three of them rent a van and try and test out the security of the garage that the Senator is reportedly being kept. Khord manages to catch site of someone, there’s also a flash of light, which the team take to revealing the presence of their teleporter, Khord also manages to find Tectonic in the building with his ESP.

The heroes wait until nightfall then intend to sneak up to the door, with Half-Life and Magnitude attacking simultaneously. Unfortunately, Half-Life is spotted and ambushed by Blink, Speed Demon, Rebound and Canis but Half-Life made quick work of them. Meanwhile Magnitude sneaks in but is spotted by Tectonic and a brawl ensues.

During the ruckus Khord was able to sneak into the room where the Senator was being held, bypass Pathogen via emotion control (later sending him home), and rescue the Senator. As he was leaving with Millar he spotted Tritan heading for the garage. Khord heads to a nearby call centre, and calls the mansion to transport the Senator to safety.

Magnitude takes quite a beating from Tritan. Half-Life, with help from Khord is able to take him down. The sound of the PCTF sirens indicates their arrival and Khord takes off before he is seen with the rest.

The PCTF arrive with the press shortly behind them. Magnitude goes to deal with the press while Half-Life talks to Capt O’Neill, who he confirms Khord was there to help them. The next morning’s papers are full of praise for the team and they go to meet with the Senator. He’s holding a press conference later in the day to explain his behaviour and after discussing with the team they decide that the best course of action is to be as truthful as possible up to a point. They blame it all on White Noise’s group, but instead of the shapeshifter being responsible they state that the Senator was cloned and emphasise that the Senator owes his life to the Mighty Union. It also becomes apparent that the Senator had been kidnapped while Nature’s Wrath took over the city three weeks ago, but the shapeshifter had only made himself obvious after two weeks. White Noise’s plan seemed to be following the logic that if all Powers are criminalised they could band together as a united front. During the press conference to help with the case that Powers aren’t a danger Senator Millar revealed that Buckner Ridge was opening.

Back at the mansion the team enact the plan to deal with the shapeshifter, having Psyman wipe his mind of any dealing with the Black Ops team and themselves and make him believe that he messed up and gave the swap away, resulting in the capture of the White Noise’s gang. They then release him with no memory of ever being captured hoping that the idea of displeasing White Noise will keep him quiet.



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