George McAllister

Club Owning Criminal


George McAllister, was a big name in Glasgow organised crime, but after some upheaval and a bit of bloodshed he decided it was best to get out of the country. In DC he’s never reached the high limits he had in Scotland, due to his more bloodthirsty ways. He has, however, managed to ‘somehow’ become the owner of a few nightclubs in Dominion City, most of which are renowned for drug deals and contacting dodgy bastards.

It’s ironic then that it was the Sakai Club, one of his nicer establishments and popular with the young crowd, became the site of his first real stumble in DC. First several patrons took a bit too much Surge and started wrecking the place, only to be stopped by what would soon become DC Fusion.

A day after, Ross Parker aka Ent, approached McAllister with the pretence of organising a drug deal. Parker pretended he was a rich kid organising an out of town rave, and needed some Surge. $10,000 worth of Surge. McAllister was obviously interested and the two set up a meeting the next night.

Of course that meeting was jumped by DC Fusion, and McAllister arrested.

George McAllister

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