Mighty Union

Shadows of Daylight

It’s been two weeks since the formation of DC Fusion and their success of shutting down a Surge lab. The PR team has properly started the ball rolling, and DC Fusion started to gain some traction. Nothing major though. The PCTF did give them a shout out in a press conference, minor column inches, but still.

Oh and Mighty Union had a big fight with some robots and the Pantheon fought some of White Noise’s crew.

The team themselves haven’t done a great deal, though secretly they did put Tesla through cold turkey after his massive overdose of Surge.

A meeting with Mark is arranged at Fraktion’s apartment in order to figure out the next steps. While Ent think they should go after more drug dealers, feeling that they can carve a niche out here, Tesla, Fraktion and Mark feel they need a bold statement. Tai-Jitu feels they should show caution for now, and agrees with Ent.

However, with no leads they go out on patrol, and Tesla gets what he’s looking for, as he finds a bank being robbed in the middle of the night. More specifically he finds a smashed hole in the wall of one. Tai-jitu, being the only one capable, sneaks in and is shocked to find Tritan behind the break-in. Realising they are outclassed he hides from the behemoth.

However, as he exits the bank Tesla doesn’t have the same realisation and immediately slams into Tritan. Not doing a great deal.



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