Mighty Union

Surge of Power

Part 1 – The Club
The whole city has been celebrating for 24 hours after the Mighty Union managed to stop the demon invasion. The place that party is still going the strongest is the Sakai Club, one of Dominion City’s premier nightspots. Drink is flowing, and if you look in the right place, so are drugs.

However, the drugs were about to become exceptionally more obvious. Practical jokes were being played on other clubbers, with drinks being poured over them, almost out of nowhere.
In the main bar, the temperature started to raise with no real reasoning. More obviously though, in the middle of the dance floor, a small girl threw a male across the room when he started to harass her. She didn’t seem to notice and just kept dancing.
When the bouncers tried to deal with her they too were thrown.

Things could have really gotten out of hand if it wasn’t for five other attendees that night. Fraktion, a local celebrity for parkour and promoter for Pro-Motion, took to the dance floor and tried to distract the girl so no one else would get hurt, and hopefully allow the bouncers a more successful attempt at subduing her.
Kwan Da-Zhi spotted the heat seemed to be rising off a particular guy in the bar, and the heat was so bad you could actually see heat haze now, and decided to get his friend out of there before anything bad could happen.
Looking over the dance floor Tom Franklin, like Kwan, realised what was brewing and decided to get his friends out of there before anything kicked off.
Ross Parker just managed to catch a glimpse of a man moving at incredible speed, and was the one responsible for the practical jokes. Without revealing his powers he tried to stop him, but failed. He did, however, manage to make the speedster obvious giving Franklin the chance to implant a suggestion into the clubber’s mind to ‘run away’.
Jason Sparrow, realising what was about to kick off, snuck outside to the car to get his gear and change into Tesla, a relative newcomer on DC’s superhero scene.

As Kwan was getting his friend out, people started passing out and small fires started igniting around the man who didn’t seem in control. In fact he was so out of control he screamed and a jet of fire lanced out across the entire club. Kwan armoured up as Taijitu and set about trying to take him down.

The club quickly emptied apart from the combatants, but the speedster returned. However, the now transformed Ent (Sparrow using his earlier failure against the speedster to cover his transformation into his alternate identity) was able to quickly take him down. It became clear to all those involved that the three people causing the problems didn’t seem to be of the right mind.

Taijitu, with the help of Franklin, took down the out of control flamer. Back on the dance floor, it took the combined might of Fraktion, Ent and Tesla to take down the super strength girl. Realising they were being filmed, and out of context the footage of the three of them whaling on a small woman would look bad, Fraktion also managed to distract the patron with their camera phone.

With the three defeated the five Powers left the club – only Tesla and Fraktion still in fully powered mode – only to find the entirety of the club’s patrons were now lining the pavement. The two of them received applause, and both soaked it up. However, the police that were holding the crowd back wanted words with the two heroes, both tried to get away. For Tesla he simply flew off, but Fraktion had to sneak through the crowd and failed miserably. However, after Fraktion was brought to one of the cars for questioning, along with Franklin (as a medic), and Tesla returned. The five were interviewed, three released, though Ent and Taichitu were taken down town.

Part 2 – The Investigation
Ent and Taichitu contacted the other three Powers they met the night before, asking for a meeting. Ent suggested that the five of them seemed to work well together and that maybe they should be team-up to try and put a stop to the influx of Surge that was hitting the city, and responsible for last night. All seemed up for it, except Fraktion who thought he better check in with the company he worked for Pro-motion, but agreed to help for now, because it had to be good publicity, right?
Splitting up, Kwan Da-Zhi and Sparrow went to the Student Union, figuring that you could probably find a dealer there, but Sparrow got distracted when he was questioning a bunch of girls and decided to ‘just blend in’.

Fraktion and Franklin headed to Fraktion’s old neighbourhood, which is pretty dodgy and Fraktion was sure they could find someone easily.

Parker went to question the three Surged from last night, starting with the female who became super strong. After some coaxing, flirting and promise of more drugs, she revealed she bought hers in the Sakai Club, so he set off there.

Da-Zhi found a dealer round about the same time Sparrow talked the girl in his sights to buy some drugs. She only wanted ecstasy, but Sparrow managed to buy a couple of tabs of Surge, and then the two went back to her place. Da-Zhi, now as Taichitu, jumped the dealer shortly afterwards who revealed he worked for the 3rd Street Saints.

Fraktion and Franklin found the big street dealers in his old neighbourhood, who happened to be his old crew, Breaking Muse who were less happy to see him. After a quick shapechange, the two had a pretty disastrous attempt at a deal as Breaking Muse saw right through the deception and figured them for Narcs and left them shot in the street. Luckily Fraktion was able to get the both out of there.

Meanwhile, back at the Sakai Club, Parker, approached the owner, McAllister, with the pretence of organising a drug deal. Parker pretended he was a rich kid organising an out of town rave, and needed some Surge. $10,000 worth of Surge. McAllister was obviously interested and the two set up a meeting the next night.

Realising they had a massive lead, he contacted the rest so they could surveil McAllister and find out where he was going to get the large amount of Surge. The team met up in a cafe near Sakai, and laid out what they knew. All noted Sparrow looked worse for wear, who revealed he’d got laid with the girl from the Union, but in the process of ‘fitting in’ had taken Surge. They agree to stakeout McAllister and the barman who sold the drugs to see where they go for such a large amount of Surge.

Part 3 – The Arrest and the Team Name
With everyone else knackered, and Franklin shot up, Fraktion and Da-Zhi take the first shift. Apart from following each of them home, they don’t see anything, and at 8am they ring Sparrow and Parker to relieve them.

Tesla follows the barman, but it becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly that he just sells stuff over the bar.

Meanwhile at McAllister’s quite up-market home, Parker is trying to find a suitable place to watch from, since Fraktion took his limo with him. Parker tries to break into one of the neighbour’s cars, just to sit in, but sets off the alarm. He quickly moves on and finds a house empty, as the home owners have gone away, and he hides in the bushes. However, the police turn up as it appears someone spotted him by the car. He moves to sit on the lawn to not attract attention but the police come up and speak to him, and take him into questioning.

He’s quickly released, but by the time Tesla get’s to McAllister he’s already gone out. So they all head to Fraktion’s apartment to figure out what to do next.

With the aim to track McAllister failing the team come to slow realisation that they actually have to go to the drug deal. However, Fraktion has arranged for Phil Lawman from Legal and Mark from Marketing to come as well.

Part 4 – The Drug Deal
Mark from Marketing turns up. Tech boys have retrieved the damaged vid, edited into an awesome montage, but are sitting on it thanks to:
They’re second page news because of story about the Mighty Union fighting Maverick. Deciding to hold onto it, add more footage and release when they have a big story, the team reluctantly agree to meet with McAllister for the deal. They go early to the rendezvous point and several locations for their stakeout, as well as some cameras.

Part 5 – Paying a visit to Fraktion’s old crew
Moans only footage from last night’s fight is shody camera phone through window, what happened to them filming. Still got some choice shots into the montage. With the drug bust a less than successful job, the team comes up with a new plan to go ‘have a word’ with Fraktion’s old crew, since they were dealing.

Part 6 – Meet in the Park

Part 7 – The warehouse



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