Tag: blackguard


  • It's All My Vault

    Rant and Rave try to rob the Bank that Ruckus and [[:magnitude | Magnitude]] both happen to be in. Ruckus spots the cronnies coming in and slips out before it all kicks off and gets to his van, noticing the rest of the gang outside. The rest storm the …

  • Laser Wars

    DC Fusion's break in to Estacado's mansion, and the ensuing fight, gave the Police the excuse they needed to raid the place. They arrested most of the mobsters and discovered exactly what was going on underground, and they are all baffled. Despite this …

  • Darwin

    Darwin is an oddity. A Power in the employ of [[:blackguard | Blackguard]]. No one's sure why he's exempt from Blackguard's distaste, but he is. Like Red Mist, Darwin is only seen on really important jobs of Blackguard's, the only time the Mighty Union …

  • Red Mist

    One of [[:blackguard | Blackguard's]] enforcers. Only seen on important jobs. The Mighty Union have only faced her when they laid a trap for the invisible bank thief and Blackguard made a play for it as well.

  • Blackguard

    Blackguard cut through the competition to rise into the upper echelons of the Crime Council of Dominion City. Now pratically runs the entire human side of Dominion City's crime. Great distaste for Powers.