Breaking Muse

Raphael Durant grew up in a deprived area of Dominion City. As a teenager he became involved with a gang and the culture of hip hop and breaking. Rafa and some of his friends formed a bboy crew called Breaking Muse and they took on nicknames; Tronic, LockinLoad, Deton8, Poppin Kandi, Flyboy and himself – Fraktion.

Breaking Muse became well known locally for their breaking, in particular Fraktion, who went on to win local, and later, national competitions.

It was at one of these competitions that Fraktion was spotted by a talent scout from Pro-Motion, a sports science research and development company. Pro-Motion offered Raphael a contract that, under certain terms and conditions, would make him the face of Pro-Motion, representing the company internationally through his breaking expertise.

Left behind by Fraktion, the other members grew resentful of him. Seeing him return to the neighbourhood a few months later, in a stretch limo no less, they followed him to his apartment. A fight ensued.

Outnumbered and cornered, Raphael took a beating. In a desperate attempt to escape he threw himself out of a window, falling three stories and crashing onto the roof of a car. Slowly he rolled off the roof and to his feet. Dazed, he staggered directly into the path of an oncoming truck and was crushed.

The gang fled and slid further into the gangsta culture, becoming street dealers for the new drug Surge.

Finding this out, and helping his new team DC Fusion, Fraktion led an attack on the Crew. Most of them popped surge to try and win, though all but Flyboy were arrested.

Poppin Kandi

Breaking Muse

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