Nature's Wrath

One of the few true villain groups. Formed by Deep Freeze so to foil Mighty Man, the plan proved mildly successful. However, the team let their success go to their head and in the ensuing fallout Deep Freeze was captured. To avoid capture Tectonic went to White Noise which was successful, but mainly thanks to Volt did the team stay together and break Deep Freeze out.

Since then the team have become a main stay of the villain scene and allowed the members to actually stand a chance against Mighty Man, and later the Mighty Union. After taking a job from Blackguard that back fired, Tectonic who had argued against the job due to Blackguard’s reputation left the team in favour of working with White Noise, a coalition started due to the mistrust of the crime lord.

Current Members
Deep Freeze

Previous Members

Nature's Wrath

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